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Woodhead Announces Industrial Ethernet Connectivity for I/O Control

November 012004
Woodhead Announces Industrial Ethernet Connectivity for I/O Control
Direct-Link™ Ethernet Interface best choice for controlling I/O over Ethernet

Automation Fair – October 2004, Orlando, Florida. Woodhead announces the release of its Direct-link™ Ethernet PCI bus network interface. This interface is the ideal solution for controlling I/O over Ethernet.

The Direct-Link™ Ethernet network interface provides high-speed (1000 I/O in 1 ms) deterministic communication between real-time applications such as PC-based control, Softlogic packages, and various I/O devices communicating over Ethernet industrial networks including Rockwell EtherNet/IP messaging. The network interface supports both 5V and 3.3V signaling, includes a graphical console for configuration and diagnostics, and data servers including OPC.

Other solutions available from Woodhead include PC/PLC network interfaces, gateways, I/O simulation software, diagnostic tools, I/O modules, connectors, cable assemblies, and connection blocks.

About Woodhead
Woodhead Industries, Inc. develops, manufacturers and markets Network and Electrical Infrastructure products engineered for performance in demanding, harsh, or hazardous environments. Woodhead is known in the global industrial market by its recognized brands which include Brad Harrison®, SST™, Daniel Woodhead®, mPm®, applicom®, Aero-Motive® and RJ-Lnxx®. Its expertise extends from mechanical, electrical, electronics to communication software products and technologies. Woodhead operates from 21 locations in 10 countries spanning North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

For more information on the Direct-Link™ brand of Woodhead products, contact customer service (tel: 877-427-0850 / email: [email protected]) or visit our web site at www.Woodhead.com.
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