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Yokogawa Enhances Power Monitor Product Line

October 112004
Yokogawa Enhances Power Monitor Product Line
Newnan Georgia, June 25, 2004 - Yokogawa Corporation of America announced today that it has expanded its Power Monitor product line with the introduction of the CW240 Clamp-on power meter. The CW240 is designed to analyze electric power consumption and power quality in commercial buildings, industrial plants and other large facilities. It has a voltage range of 150/300/600/1000Volts with optional current clamps that can measure from a minimum of 200.0mA up to 3000 Amperes. Wiring inputs are selectable from 1p2w to 3p4w. In addition, Scott connections and simultaneous multiple system load measurements are available in this versatile power meter.

Salient features of the CW240 are highlighted below:

* Electric energy measurement: Integrated values of active, regenerative, reactive power quantities (leading/lagging).
* Instantaneous measurements: Volts, Amps ( per phase & average), Watts, Vars, VA, PF, PA, Hz.
* Demand measurement: Maximum power and time it occurs.
* Waveform measurement: Voltage and current.
* Voltage fluctuation measurement: Dips/swells/ instantaneous power failures.
* Harmonic measurement: Displays each order from the 1st to the 50th harmonic.
* Leakage current measurement with optional 2 Amp clamp-on CTs.
* Internal memory 1MB with optional flash memory cards up to 512MB.
* Displays wiring errors and all settings.
* Four channel analog output and two channel analog input options.
* RS232 communications and ToolBox240 software included.
* Powered up by 6 AA batteries or AC adaptor with optional NiMH battery.

Visit Yokogawa’s website www.us.yokogawa.com/mi for more information on the CW240 and other portable power monitoring products.

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