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Yokogawa’s Process Information Management System (PIMS), EXAQUANTUM Is Extended As World’s First OPC Batch Process Control

October 242003
Yokogawa’s Process Information Management System (PIMS), EXAQUANTUM Is Extended As World’s First OPC Batch Process Control
Yokogawa is launching its latest Exaquantum PIMS release, which debuts at ISA Expo2003 in Houston 21-23 October. Exaquantum/Batch is the world’s first OPC (open standards) batch-based application. Exaquantum/Batch, the newest addition to Yokogawa’s proven Exaquantum PIMS, is a product specifically designed for the batch production industry. Exaquantum’s technology is field proven and serves as the foundation of over 200 operational information/optimization implementations worldwide. It builds on Yokogawa’s experience with OPC in the continuous process industries. Exaquantum/Batch allows Yokogawa to bring the advantages of open standards and productivity improvement tools to a new industry sector.

Exaquantum/Batch provides “out of the box” functionality, many unique features for batch reporting and batch-to-batch analysis. Exaquantum/Batch is a high performance and intelligent S88-based information system, particularly appropriate for the chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. It provides analysis and reporting facilities, collecting, storing and displaying current and historical data from batch production, equipment and recipe sources. It facilitates user access to batch information for decision support, production planning, production scheduling, analysis, process improvement, quality, and legislative compliance.

The Yokogawa Exaquantum/Batch suite is an extension to the Exaquantum Plant Information Management System (PIMS), which provides user contextual long-term, time-lined collection and analysis of data from automated control systems. It does this by providing a link from production level systems, such as Yokogawa’s CS1000/CS3000 Batch control systems, into enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) systems to create enterprise wide solutions.

Exaquantum/Batch provides a web browser based analysis and reporting user interface to deliver valuable batch-based information in support of process improvement initiatives. Exaquantum/Batch is a true batch PIMS that follows ISA-88’s data models and terminology The ISA-88 standard design allows users to quickly find and understand batch data and the data is stored and presented so anyone familiar with ISA-88 will find it easy to use. The OPC Batch connectivity allows tight coupling with Yokogawa’s CS3000 Batch DCS.

This type of event driven, open connection eliminates the engineering required to get other systems to collect and store data.. The innovative OPC Batch architecture provides lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than any existing product. Features include:

1. Production improvement by Six Sigma analysis
The system analyses cycle time variance, unit utilization and quality as batch Key Performance Indicators (KPIs),and automatically calculates many statistical paramters to identify problems in the production process, enabling continuous improvement and management by variance and/or exception.

2. Comprehensive reporting tool
The comprehensive Exaquantum/Batch reporting package provides Excel-based flexible reporting which incorporates data from batches, equipment, master recipes and trend values along with associated alarms and events. The powerful reporting facilities meet the needs of regulated industries. Standard reports include automatic generation of like-batch, unit recipe cycle time charts and unit utilization percentages, with no user programming required.

3. Data collection
Automatic batch data collection is available when Exaquantum/ Batch PIMS is used with a Yokogawa CS1000/CS3000. Custom batch data collection is applied when the program is used with systems from any other OPC Data Access 2.0 enabled control or MES system.

4. Data storage and integrity Batch data is stored in a Microsoft SQL server database. An internal log is maintained to provide an audit trail of user actions.

5. BatchWeb user interface
BatchWeb is a web based user interface that looks similar to a website. Through on-screen menu selections different sets of continuously updated batch, equipment and master recipe data, from both the Exaquantum and Exaquantum/Batch databases are displayed and can be selected for analysis using standard charts and lists. A Report view is also available. Web-based user access to the system eliminates the need to install client software on each user's desktop. Using a web browser allows access from any intranet location.

6. Exaquantum/Batch Lite
Exaquantum/Batch Lite is an entry-level product for Yokogawa CS1000 and CS3000 Batch control systems. It licenses two named users, 10 recipes and 500 datapoints allowing for later expansion as the need arises.

7. FDA 21 CFR Part 11
A 21 CFR Part 11 option is also available providing traceability though electronic record/electronic signature functionality. The combination of these features results in the most advanced and capital efficient batch information management system available today

Many continuous process now accept Exaquantum as their industry standard; today the batch industries have Exaquantum/Batch to provide the same fingertip control of their batch processes.”

Yokogawa will be at booth 1242 for ISAExpo2003. You are welcome to visit the booth and meet senior executives and technical experts at any time. Please let us know if you would like an appointment.

For more information about Yokogawa Corporation of America, visit www.us.yokogawa.com, call 770-254-0400, or toll-free at 800-258-2552.
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