Escort Memory Systems and Automated Control Concepts Announce RFID Plans |

Escort Memory Systems and Automated Control Concepts Announce RFID Plans

January 192006
Neptune, N.J. January 19, 2006 – Escort Memory Systems (EMS)and Automated Control Concepts, Inc. (ACC) announced today a Resale and Systems integration relationship aimed at tracking and traceability solutions for manufacturing operations.

The combination of Escort’s premier RFID product offering and ACC’s expertise in MES Systems Integration, offers manufacturing clients the ability to implement highly integrated systems to improve the management of product information in their production operations.

The technology advantages inherent in Escort’s RFID products, are significant, and ACC is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this technology so that the end result is an integrated solution meeting quality, information management, and control requirements. By leveraging Escort’s technology, particularly the features of the new Cobalt® HF system, with ACC’s expertise in control and information systems integration, manufacturers can implement systems that provide complete product genealogy not only throughout the production process, by across the entire supply chain. “The features of the Cobalt offering along with the manufacturing and systems integration expertise of ACC will allow manufacturers to effectively implement tracking and traceability solutions,” said Tim Eisler, Worldwide Sales Manager at EMS. “Together we provide a business solution with clearly defined benefits.”

Escort and ACC are also leveraging their respective core competencies. Escort’s established growth over the last 21 years, a result of its innovative, cost effective technology, has resulted in a need for more industry-specific help in integration and implementation. “The Cobalt offering from EMS is an outstanding addition to our MES practice”, said Michael Blechman, ACC’s President.

Numerous joint marketing efforts are underway, including a series of seminars and white paper development. Both companies are proving to be a powerful force in the industry by providing business solutions, not just technology, to manufacturing operations.

About Escort Memory Systems
Escort Memory Systems, a Datalogic Group Company, has delivered rugged, industrial RFID solutions to leading companies worldwide for over twenty years. With over 50,000 installations worldwide Escort Memory Systems is recognized for providing rugged RFID solutions, consistent performance, easily connected interfaces that set the standard for industrial RFID within the automotive, pharmaceutical, electronic and other demanding industrial settings. For more information visit

About Automated Control Concepts, Inc.
Founded in 1983, ACC is an independent systems integrator, providing control and information solutions and services to manufacturing and utility companies. ACC focuses on assisting companies in achieving their business goals through the strategic application of technology in production environments. A full range of services from initial system design and specification through system development, commissioning, and validation is provided. For more information visit

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