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Levelese weighs in with tank level gauge

October 042009
Levelese weighs in with tank level gauge
October 4, 2009 - Levelese developed a tank gauge sensor and display for tank level measurement. The products are easy to install, use, maintain, and understand.

Based on patented technology and a decade of research, the Levelese tank gauge:
  • Installs with screw or flange connections.
  • Can be repaired in place by replacing modular components.
  • Interfaces with the most common industrial signals or protocols, including 4-20 mA, Modbus, HART, wired and wireless communications.
  • Features a powder coated, low copper aluminum body to eliminate spark danger and 316 stainless steel and HDPE wetted parts are standard.
  • Offers competitive pricing, beginning at less than $1000.00.
  • Exhibits accuracy within 0.15% of span over ranges of 0-3 to 0-66 ft.
  • Meets standards for explosion-proof or intrinsic safety applications.
  • Has no moving parts to foul, drift, or degrade.
  • Excels in foamy, coating, and turbulent fluids, independent of the specific gravity.
  • Offers an easy solution for tank gauging or process monitoring in petroleum, chemicals, beverages, oils, and water.

    Using the principle of buoyancy, the Levelese level measuring system weighs an inert plastic chain that is secured below the fluid surface, determines the inverse of liquid level, and converts it to an analog, digital, or wireless electronic signal for indication, alarming, or other applications.

    Local bar-graph DPM with two form A alarm contacts and transmitter power is available as a standard option.

    Operating accessories include: PT100, 385, DIN B RTDs, stilling wells, indicators, and display systems.