ProSoft Technology Introduces the RadioLinx Industrial Hotspot™ |

ProSoft Technology Introduces the RadioLinx Industrial Hotspot™

At ultra-fast wireless radio for the most demanding industrial applications

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., July 1, 2003

ProSoft Technology introduces the latest in industrial wireless technology: the RadioLinx Industrial Hotspot™ (RLX-IH). The RLX-IH simultaneously functions as an untethered “industrial hotspot™” for mobile users and applications and as an industrial wireless connection for fixed devices. These ultra-fast radios create a powerful global solution with networking flexibility, antenna diversity, and powerful easy-to-use software for deploying and diagnostics.

Other features include:
· Connectivity to any 802.11 compliant access point
· 11 Mpbs data rate
· License-free operation
· Industrialized hardware
o Noise immunity, range, extruded aluminum enclosure, temperature and power ratings, and industrial certifications
· Redundant master radios and self-healing network features for dependability
· Encryption, authentication and MAC ID white list for security

The RLX-IH wireless solutions provide real-time access for remote and difficult to reach or mobile equipment, reduce labor and installation costs, eliminate leased-line or wireless service fees and greatly reduce downtime. Targeted industries include:
· Water/wastewater
· Sewage Treatment
· Oil and Gas Field Monitoring
· Mining
· Chemical
· Food and Beverage
· SCADA and Industrial Automation

ProSoft Technology provides the communications expertise and comprehensive technical support which are key to making wireless communication work in harsh, demanding, cost-conscious and ever-changing industrial automation applications.

All ProSoft Technology products come with a one year warranty and unlimited technical support. Sales are available worldwide; contact your automation equipment distributor or ProSoft Technology, Inc.

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