Thermo Scientific upgrades Niton Field X-ray Lab

Thermo Scientific upgrades Niton Field X-ray Lab

July 26, 2013 - Thermo Scientific upgrades Niton Field X-ray LabField with z-CAL calibration and operation methodology software for light elemental analysis.

The Niton FXL analyzer with z-CAL enables users to more accurately detect oil-bearing strata, improve mud-logging and support geo-steering. This capability can be attributed primarily to its improved ability to analyze trace elements and light elements, including low levels of magnesium and aluminum, in prepared samples and with or without He, depending on the desired performance.

Thermo Scientific field sample preparation equipment, including the Direct Rock Sample and Mill Sample Kits with field sample-cup and pellet-pressing hardware, are perfect complements for the Niton FXL as they ensure the representative nature and proper presentation of critical E&P samples. With a new custom pellet holder, the analyzer can now easily accommodate prepared samples right in the field.

The portable, rugged and easy-to-use Thermo Scientific Niton FXL with z-CAL is ideal for use in mobile E&P laboratories to generate rapid sample analyses in the oil and gas industries. For more information, visit