2015 China International Robot Show (CIROS2015) | July 8, 2015 9:00 AM - July 11, 2015 5:30 PM | Automation.com

2015 China International Robot Show (CIROS2015)

Event Summary

July 8, 2015 - July 11, 2015
Shanghai, CO 201103
July 8, 2015 9:00 AM
July 11, 2015 5:30 PM
Trade Show
China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF),China Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA),CMEPO Exhibition Co ., Ltd. (CMEPO)
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● The official exhibition platform of China Robot Industry Alliance
● The top professional robot exhibition of whole field in China
● The very only exhibition supported by IFR in China
● CIROS2015 is coming soon
Theme:Promote the leaping development of robotics
Lead the deepening transform of manufacture

Exhibition Name
2015 China International Robot Show (CIROS2015)
Approved by
Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China
China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF)
China Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA)
CMEPO Exhibition Co ., Ltd. (CMEPO)
CMEPO Exhibition Co ., Ltd. (CMEPO)
International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
Special Co-Organizers
Japan Robot Association (JARA)
Korea Association of Robot Industry (KAR)
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.
Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (TAIROA)
Overseas Supporters
Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (VDMA)
Robotics Industries Association (RIA)

★CIROS 2014(Post-show Key Statistics)
*16,000 m2 exhibition space, year-on-year expansion of 45.4%
*216 exhibitors, 96 new exhibitors, year-on-year rise of 80%
*38,572 professional visitors and buyers from 18 countries and regions, year-on-year rise of 40.9%
*3 international summits
*10 specialized technology forums and matchmaking symposiums
*9 exhibitor pavilions
*12 professional buyer groups
*153 cooperative media (including 112 industry media and 41 public media)
*1040 pieces of exhibition related reports


*Industry Robots
Industry robots body: articulated robots, parallel robots, SCARA robots, gantry robots, power-assisted manipulator, AGV, RGV.
Application of the industrial robot products and solutions: robots workstation, intelligent plant solution, for welding, dispensing, spraying , palletizing, handing, assembling, measuring, sorting, packaging and other applications in the field of industrial robot products and solutions, for automobile, electron, aerospace, food, pharmacy, logistics, ceramics, glass, mold plastic, hardware, tile, casting, chemical industry, textile, leather, machine tool industry solutions.
Industrial robot development platform and software technology: operating system, development platform, simulation technology, testing technology and equipment, image processing system, machine vision integration system, appli-cation software like image processing software.
Industrial robot components and spare parts: servo-drive system, controller, demonstrator, motor, reducer, sensor, embedded system, robot claw, special tools and clamps, special wires and cables, black and white, color smart camera, image compression /decompression card, color grabbing card, industrial lens, industrial camera, and other machine vision systems.
3D printing: 3D printing related technologies.
*Service Robots
◎Education service robot ◎Household service robot
◎Entertainment robot ◎Underwater robot
◎Military security robot ◎Medical robot
◎Environmental cleaning robot ◎Bionic robot

★Show Highlights

The first Chinese robot exhibition
– With the total exhibition space of 16,000 m2 and 38,572 professional visitors, CIROS2014 is the largest robot exhibition in China
– More than 216 exhibitors, accounting for nearly two thirds of robotics industry enterprises of China, participated in CIROS2014
– The total exhibition space of CIROS2015 will reach 28,000 m2 and the estimated visitors will reach over 50,000
– The exhibits of CIROS2015 will cover industrial robot body and parts, the ap-plication integration program and the technology and the products of service robots. As the first Chinese robots exhibition, CIROS is currently the biggest and most influential professional exhibition in Chinese robot circle.

High quality and professional buyer group
As the first and only professional exhibition covering the whole product chains of robotics area, CIROS attracts attentions not only from mainstream brands of domestic and overseas robotics industry, but also the users and buyers in the global robotics. On the basis of terrific responses of buyer groups in 2014, we promise that CIROS2015 will bring more professions.

Top class summit and specialized technology forum in the global robotics industry
CIROS has always been unanimously recognized by global government organizations, related experts and exhibitors for the combination mode of professional exhibition and international high-level conference. CIROS2015 will constantly have leaders from governments and international industry associations interpret present, future and development of Chinese market respectively as market participants and industry policy makers through the international high-level conferences. Meanwhile, sorts of technology forums will greatly promote the industry and more market applications.

Prestigious Sponsors and professional management groups
With the support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, CIROS is jointly hosted by China Machinery In-dustry Federation (CMIF), China Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA) and CMEPO Ex-hibition Co., Ltd. (CMEPO). In addition, CIROS is also supported by IFR, VDMA, JARA, KAR, and TAIROA. It is most professional robot exhibition in our country and the only exhibition supported by IFR.
The committee of CIROS thoroughly understands the traits of China’s robotics industry, and is familiar with the domestic machinery industry, raw material in¬dus¬try, light industry and electronic information industry. Moreover, the com-mittee of CIROS thoroughly gets a better understanding of the robot industry capacity and the demand of application which will promote the communication and spares no effort to give impetus to the success of CIROS2015.

The bright future of robot industry boosts market for the Chinese service robots
The percentage of exhibitors of service robots increased from 8% in CIROS2013 to 17% in CIROS2014. Given the soaring statistics of service robots, CIROS2015 will constantly concern on service robots and present to visitors international first-class products including entertainment robots, assistive robots, nursing robots, specialized robots and wearable intelligent robots. CRIA believes that the great potential of the Chinese service robots will bring new era.

○ Shell scheme RMB15000/9M² (Extra 5% of application fees will be charged for booths with 2 open sides.)
○ Raw space RMB1500/M² (Peninsula and island will be respectively charged with extra 5% and 10% of application fees for every extra open side from basic booth of 1-2open sides.)
○ 1.Each standard shell scheme booth is equipped with 3 partition walls, carpeted flooring, fascia board,1 table with 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, a 220V plug, lighting electricity, daily cleaning;
○ 2.No furniture, lights, power or any service is provided for raw space. Additional management fees will-be charged for raw space.

★Application Procedures
1.Please submit the space application form to the organizer by fax or email.
2.After checking the submitted information, the organizer will allocate the space on a first-come-first-served basis.
3.Exhibitors should make payment according to the given schedule.
4.Exhibitors will receive a copy of the exhibitor manual.
5.Deadline for application:20 April 2015

★For more information please contact:
◎Committee of CIROS
CMEPO Exhibition Co ., Ltd. TEL:86-21-6191-1303 FAX:86-21-3332-1229
E-MAIL:[email protected]
Or global dept. for Alicia
Mobile: 13601890588
Email: [email protected]
China Robot Industry Alliance TEL:86-10-6859-5123,10-6859-4949