ADVANCED Motion Controls supplies servo drives to ROBOSOFT for service robots |

ADVANCED Motion Controls supplies servo drives to ROBOSOFT for service robots

ADVANCED Motion Controls supplies servo drives to ROBOSOFT for service robots
Camarillo, CA, June 5, 2008: ADVANCED Motion Controls announces development efforts with Robosoft, located in Bidart, France, to produce a new standard in service robots. To date, Robosoft has uniquely created a multi-use hardware platform for remote service mobile robotic needs. The robuLAB series for example can be used for indoor security, medical assistance, assisted living or any other service need.

The hardware incorporates ADVANCED Motion Controls servo drives at the heart of the motion control. Robosoft's robuBOX is a flexible software platform that is operationally ready to take on many tasks and can be quickly and safely tailored to fit the customer's exact needs. With the combination of the Robosoft's hardware and software, including ADVANCED Motion Controls DigiFlex Performance high power density servo drives, OEM's and users can develop new robotic applications much faster than attempting full scale development.

“Motor-drives are the key components in service robotics, this is the gateway between hardware and software,” says Vincent Dupourqué, CEO of ROBOSOFT. “The ADVANCED Motion Controls drives perfectly fit our control software needs, allowing implementation of advanced algorithms for mobile robots and manipulators.”

Additionally, for those customers looking to develop their own control algorithms within Microsoft's Robotics Development Studio, drivers for ADVANCED Motion Controls' DigiFlex Performance servo drives, and additional software features, are being developed by Robosoft in the robuBOX and will be available to developers before the end of 2008.

“Flexible mobile robotic platforms with available standards have now come of age. Robosoft’s robuters and robuBOX hardware and software products are proving to be excellent building blocks for companies looking to create their own specific robot designs” says Karl Meier, Marketing Manager of ADVANCED Motion Controls.

About robuBOX
RobuBOX launch took place in mid-2006. Several robots embedding the robuBOX have been deployed since: Estele, the remote tele-echography system already in operation in 4 French Hospitals, robuCAB an automatic vehicle guided by GPS, a mobile robot for construction sites carrying pallets of materials, as well as the off-the-shelf ROBOSOFT robuLAB and robuROC mobile platforms for miscellaneous indoor and outdoor applications.

robuBOX is now available and allows robotics integrators and mass market manufacturers to seamlessly build a variety of advanced robotics solutions using the Microsoft Robotics Studio environment.

About DigiFlex Performanceservo drives
DigiFlex Performance servo drive series, originally launched in early 2007, provides complete OEM flexibility by allowing use of any controller, any motor with any feedback. The product platform continues to set new motion control standards and provides excellent power density for applications requiring compact enclosure. Including both panel and PCB mount versions, many industries are now using these servos: military, homeland security, robotics, semiconductors, machine tool, medical, lab automation, etc.

ROBOSOFT is the European leader in service robotics. With more than 20 years of recognized scientific and industrial expertise in this field, ROBOSOFT provides advanced robotics solutions for transport, cleaning, surveillance, healthcare and research markets since 1985.

Beyond professional applications, the era of personal robotics is now starting. ROBOSOFT thinks that its service robots called "robuters" will be part of everyday life within 5 years. According to forecasts of Japan Robotics Association: in 2010 worldwide personal and service robotics market will reach 17 billion dollars. Robuters will make easier everybody's life in activities such as entertainment, education, culture, healthcare, assistance to elderly and handicapped people etc... In order to bring these applications to life, ROBOSOFT already integrates 80% of software complexity in its robuBOX, a software module based on Microsoft Robotics Studio, which is already incorporated in ROBOSOFT’s robots, but can also be licensed to integrators and robots manufacturers for mass production.

About ADVANCED Motion Controls
ADVANCED Motion Controls designs, manufactures and supplies the highest performance servo drives and servo amplifiers available since 1988. From complete PWM servo control to custom servo solutions, ADVANCED Motion Controls provides brushed and brushless motor drives with the latest in digital servo technology. AC servo and DC servo motor controllers are available for general servo automation or specific robotic control. Complete servo motor drive controls are available for: AC and DC brushless servo motors, DC brush type servo motor, linear and rotary servo motors, closed loop vector motors, voice coils, inductive loads and actuators for precise motion systems. Servo drives with networking capabilities for either centralized or distributed motion control servo systems are readily available.
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