Analytical Instrumentation - $169.00 |

Analytical Instrumentation - $169.00

Analytical Instrumentation - $169.00

Author(s): R. E. Sherman

Publisher: ISA

Publication Date: 1996

Type Available: Hardcover

Details: Hardbound, 728 pages

This treatment of process analytical technology, by a distinguished array of experts, chronicles over 50 years of process analyzer development—from its origin in the research laboratory at Ludwigshafen in the late 1930s to a dynamic worldwide technology in the early 1990s.

Offering some theory and a lot of real-world hands-on experience, this book is designed for field analyzer technicians, newly-graduated engineers-in-training and knowledgeable manufacturers application personnel. Included are drawings of sample systems that work and comments on ones that don’t work. In addition, justifications and organization guidelines on process analyzer systems are presented.

The volume describes analyzers from the systems side looking at implementation issues including justification, purchasing, training, and validation. Specific analyzer types and the fundamentals of application for a variety of situations are explored.

Visit the International Society of Automation bookstore for more books on process analyzer system fundamentals including design, implementation, calibration, and justification.

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