Anybus® X-gateway™ EtherNet/IP Adapter to Profibus Master |

Anybus® X-gateway™ EtherNet/IP Adapter to Profibus Master

Anybus® X-gateway™  EtherNet/IP Adapter to Profibus Master
The X-gateway is a compact device for standard DIN rail mounting and requires a 24 Volt industrial power supply. It functions as an adapter (Slave) on the EtherNet/IP network and as a Master on the Profibus side. The Profibus Master functionality is configured with HMS´ Anybus NetTool for Profibus, a powerful but easy to use Windows-based configuration tool which comes free of charge with the X-gateway. After the initial configuration has been downloaded into the X-gateway, it passes up to 512 byte of input and 512 byte of output data transparently between EtherNet/IP and Profibus. Up to 124 Profibus slaves can be connected to the gateway. In addition to its data transfer capabilities, the X-gateway incorporates a powerful embedded web server on the EtherNet/IP side which supports web based remote diagnostics and visualization. An OPC server is included in with the X-gateway. The X-gateway contains Profibus and EtherNet/IP communication interfaces that have been certified for full compliance to the respective protocol standards.

The Anybus X-gateway family is a product line consisting of over 200 proven, robust and ready-to-use gateways aimed to connect almost every possible combination of two industrial networks. The product family supports 17 different fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, CC-Link, EtherNet/IP, Profinet and many more. All versions work the same way and provide a flexible standard solution to connect two industrial networks.

Features & Benefits

- Simple way to transmit I/O data between any two industrial networks
- Interconnects different PLC systems (Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Beckhoff, etc.)
- Supports over 200 different network combinations (master, scanner, slave, adapter, I/O device, server)
- Robust industrial design allowing for use in harsh industrial environments
- Coupling/decoupling different parts of a machine using a similar or dissimilar network
- Can reduces infrastructure costs by eliminating an additional PLC or rack mounted devices and accessories
- Fast I/O data transfer with average timing between networks: 10 - 15 ms
- Instant connectivity, no programming required
- Connects up to 124 Profibus slaves
- Profibus network configuration via an RS-232 config port and via the free and included NetTool-PB for Windows
- Max 512/512 byte IO data IN/OUT
- 10/100 MBit twisted pair RJ45 connection
- EtherNet/IP Adapter class, Message server, Message client
- Included Web functions: Web server with SSI support, Email client, FTP Server
- TCP/IP settings configurable with web-page, Configuration Tool, DHCP, ARP or with DIP switches
- Included Anybus OPC Server enables transfer of fieldbus data to e.g. SCADA/HMI/Enterprice level systems
- Power supply 24VDC
- Tested and verified for full EtherNet/IP and Profibus conformance
- CE, UL, ATEX, Haz Loc and RoHS conformance

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