Control-See software handles alarms at Australia’s Melbourne airport |

Control-See software handles alarms at Australia’s Melbourne airport

Control-See software handles alarms at Australia’s Melbourne airport
September 15, 2008 - Melbourne Airport is a major passenger and freight gateway into Australia and BCS is Melbourne’s preferred partner for baggage handling solutions. BCS handled baggage for over 24 million passengers who passed through Melbourne Airport last year. The T2 International Terminal handles around 8,000 to 13,000 pieces of luggage per day while the T3 Domestic Terminal (Virgin Blue and Regional Express-airlines) handles around 10,000 to 15,000 pieces of luggage per day.

Working in the aviation- and especially the airport-industry, time really is money. The longer aircraft remain on the apron the more money it costs. Combine that with the fact that when baggage is being conveyed from the check-in desks to the sorting laterals and the baggage handling system is stopped for whatever reason, the outcome could be quite serious and costly.

Riaan van Wyk, a senior SCADA Engineer at BCS Airport Systems commented “Our client (Melbourne Airport) relied on us to provide a total solution that delivers a prompt message to the right people if an error occurs during the baggage transfer to the sorting laterals. Typically this was more so when a stray bag ended-up at the wrong lateral. Baggage handling operators are made aware of the stray bag via the Citect SCADA and collect the bag themselves or by a click of a button, send a message to the airlines. The prompt message to the appropriate airline enabled the airline to collect the baggage immediately and place it on its designated flight. End result, a happy traveler that collects his/her bag at the other end.”

Why U.C.ME-OPC was chosen? - “It was more powerful and easier to configure than other similar products” commented Riaan.

About BCS
  • BCS Group is a synergistic group of companies that are leaders in materials handling and plant automation.
  • BCS customers are primarily in the Airports and Logistics sector for materials handling and in the general manufacturing sector for automation solutions, tools and software.
  • BCS is headquartered in Auckland NZ and employs 230 staff globally including operations in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Cairns ,Darwin and Perth and a North American sales office in San Jose, California.
  • BCS is a privately owned company with the majority shareholding owned by key BCS staff with the balance owned by the private equity arm of ANZ Bank.

    About Control-See:
  • Control-See Software Solutions Ltd, a leading provider of Alarm Notification, Analysis software and Remote Control tools for Industrial automation and control systems.
  • Control See is based in Israel with sales offices and distributors around the world.
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