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Dresser Masoneilan to supply control valves to ammonia plant in Qatar

June 8, 2009 – Dresser Masoneilan was chosen by Saipem SpA, a Milan, Italy-based engineering and project management company, to supply control valves for the Qatar Fertilizer Company (Qafco). Located south of Doha, Qatar, the Qafco industrial complex is quickly growing into the world’s largest ammonia and urea production site. The project involves one new Qafco urea plant, capable of producing 3,850 tons per day of granulated urea, in addition to two ammonia plants with a combined capacity of 4,600 tons per day.

“Dresser Masoneilan has the engineering expertise, the product portfolio and the global presence to handle a job of this size with the complexity of multiple applications,” Gaetano Napolitano, EMEA Vice President of Sales at Dresser Flow Technologies says. “We look forward to working closely with Saipem SpA to design and supply the right process control valve solutions throughout Qafco’s new facilities.”

With deliveries scheduled for July through the end of the 2009 year, Dresser Masoneilan will supply more than 400 control valves including the 21000 Series top-guided globe valve. This valve is designed for a range of applications and can be customized with a variety of trim, actuation and instrumentation solutions such as Lo-dB noise attenuation, anti-cavitation and tight shutoff. It can also be equipped with environmental packing.

The company will also supply the rugged 41005 Series case-guided globe valve capable of handling demanding process conditions. It provides key advantages including high flow and pressure drop capabilities as well as reduced actuator size and thrust requirements.

Additionally, the 35002 Series Camflex rotary eccentric plug valve will be among the valves supplied for the project. This economically-designed valve is an optimized control system that delivers versatility and high performance suitable for many different applications while offering standardization for simpler operations and maintenance.

About Dresser Masoneilan
Dresser Masoneilan, headquartered in Houston, Texas, has been the leading global partner in process control valves and solutions for more than 100 years. As a Dresser, Inc. brand, Masoneilan delivers customized products, services and diagnostic solutions for oil and gas, process and power generation applications.
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