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Embedded Label Printing with NiceLabel SDK

May 29, 2007 - Synchronics (now Radiant Systems Retail Division), is a publisher of software for retail point-of-sale and inventory management systems suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small single-store operations to large businesses that need to manage, consolidate, and distribute information across many locations. Synchronics has two products that enable label printing capabilities to its users: CounterPoint V7 and CounterPoint SQL.

The CounterPoint products used CrystalReports as the engine for printing labels. Customers were complaining of the lack of flexibility in design, lack of bar code support and lack of optimized support for thermal label printers when using Crystal Reports. When using a tool like Crystal Reports for label printing to thermal printers, most objects on the label will be sent as a graphic, greatly reducing the performance of the printer. Synchronics soon began looking for a solution to optimize label printing but not add cost to the CounterPoint products that would make the upgrade impossible.

Synchronics contacted Niceware to research possibilities to help them achieve their goals. Niceware was able to deliver an embedded label printing engine to Synchronics based on the NiceLabel Pro product. The NiceLabel Engine is part of the NiceLabel SDK offered only through the Niceware Developer Program. The NiceLabel Engine is a collection of DLLs and other files that are installed as a transparent part of the publisher’s application. This eliminates the need to install separate labeling software to accomplish label printing.

The result is a label printing “bolt-on” solution that is easier for the end user of the software publisher’s product. "We were very limited in the past by offering Crystal Reports as the method of label creation and generation in CounterPoint," said Jeff Goldstein, President of Synchronics. "Embedding the NiceLabel Engine allows us to offer a much easier and more powerful labeling solution to our resellers and end users at a cost that does not burden the profitability of our products."

The NiceLabel SDK enables software publishers to integrate professional bar code and RFID smart label printing into their desktop product. The NiceLabel SDK includes both all the label design functionality of NiceLabel Pro for development and the deployment rights for the easy-to-distribute NiceLabel Engine that is embedded in the software publisher’s desktop application. The NiceLabel Engine is the perfect addition to any software application that requires a seamless approach to label printing.

Additional benefits are:
  • Simplified programming integration: easy reference to library of functions
  • Easy deployment: label printing functionality fully integrated in the application’s installation wizard
  • User friendly label template design with NiceLabel Pro
  • Optimal printing to any label printer: optimized Windows drivers for more than 1300 thermal transfer printers
  • And more…
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