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Emerson to control Dnestrovskaya hydroelectric pumped storage power plant

Emerson to control Dnestrovskaya hydroelectric pumped storage power plant
March 16, 2010 — Emerson Process Management has installed its PlantWeb digital plant architecture with the Ovation expert control system at Unit 1 of the newly commissioned Dnestrovskaya pumped storage power plant (PSPP). This hydroelectric plant is located on the Dniester river, near Novodnestrovsk, Ukraine.

Commissioned in December 2009 by UkrHydroEnergo Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC), Unit 1 is the first of the plant’s seven 421-MW units. When all units are operational, the plant will have a total pump-mode capacity of 2,947 MW, making Dnestrovskaya the largest PSPP in Europe. Pumped storage electricity is useful for load balancing: it enables water accumulated at night or during off-peak hours to be used to satisfy electricity needs during times of peak demand. As such, the Dnestrovskaya plant is an important source of renewable and reliable power in Ukraine.

Emerson’s Ovation control system is integral to the efficient operation of Dnestrovskaya PSPP Unit 1. The Ovation system, which manages 2,300 I/O points, not only monitors and controls all major equipment and processes, including the Turboatom hydraulic turbine, Electrotyazhmash pump turbine generator, lubrication and cooling, drain and leakage systems, temperature monitoring systems, auxiliary equipment and main electrical system, but also interfaces to the turbine governor, vibration system and excitation system.

The Ovation system also controls the 330kV substation. Unifying control under Ovation results in unit coordinated control, which not only enhances unit-wide compatibility, but also contributes to improved unit stability, responsiveness and operating efficiencies; tighter overall control of plant operations; and a more streamlined view of key plant parameters. In addition, the system’s automatic and global positioning system (GPS) synchronization also contributes to enhanced grid stability. While the Ovation system is integrated with the regional and national dispatch centers, it is configured so that all of the unit’s subsystems can be controlled locally, as well.

Emerson’s scope of work included engineering, installation supervision, start-up and commissioning.

We have found Emerson to be a reliable partner,” said Yuri Bondarenko, chairman of the board, Enpaselectro JSC, the primary contractor for supply and installation of a protection and control system for Dnestrovskaya PSPP Unit 1. “Based on their ability to accomplish this comprehensive scope of work, combined with their advanced technologies, we hope to continue our successful relationship with Emerson.”

Ovation technology serves as the automation and control foundation for all equipment and processes at Dnestrovskaya PSPP Unit 1, according to Bob Yeager, president of the Power & Water Solutions division of Emerson. “Rather than relying on a number of separate automation systems for different plant functions, our Ovation system offers a single automation platform that results in a comprehensive, integrated and cost-effective control solution,” said Yeager.

“Our Ovation control system was built specifically for all types of power generation facilities – whether they utilize fossil fuels or renewables, such as solar, biomass or, of course, hydro. In fact, while this is the company’s first project with UkrHydroEnergo OJSC, Emerson already has significant experience automating hydroelectric plants in this region,” continued Yeager. “With more than 70 hydro projects in our portfolio in Russia alone, Emerson understands the unique requirements and challenges inherent in this method of power generation. We’re pleased to add UkrHydroEnergo OJSC to our extensive roster of satisfied customers who rely on Ovation technology for the efficient operation of their renewable energy facilities.”

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