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Emerson wins contract for performance monitoring at LNG plant in Trinidad

Emerson wins contract for performance monitoring at LNG plant in Trinidad
Liquefied Natural Gas plant uses Emerson’s AMS Suite: Equipment Performance Monitor to evaluate the operating performance on a further 300 items of equipment

AUSTIN, TEXAS (January 24, 2007) – Emerson Process Management has been awarded a $1.7M contract by Atlantic LNG to analyze the economic and operating performance of additional process and mechanical equipment at the company’s Liquefied Natural Gas plant in Point Fortin, Trinidad and Tobago. Atlantic LNG is owned by a consortium of operating companies including BP, British Gas, Repsol, Suez and National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago.

By using Emerson’s AMS Suite: Equipment Performance Monitor, part of the PlantWeb digital plant architecture, Atlantic LNG will be able to optimize and gain maximum economic return from available assets such as methane, ethylene and propane centrifugal compressors, gas turbines, oil and gas heaters, and heat exchangers. This award, which is an extension to the existing contract, will signify that over 340 items of equipment on Trains 1 to 4 will now be monitored by using AMS Performance Monitor. Atlantic LNG will use AMS Performance Monitor to support their existing maintenance management program to maintain equipment availability and reduce unexpected downtime.

“Reducing the variable costs of operation on our trains will push our operating boundaries to generate greater profits. We know that the AMS Performance Monitor is our preferred business solution having already seen the value while we utilized this solution on the first 40 items of equipment at our LNG facility. Our reliability and engineering team have used AMS Performance Monitor to determine events that caused a loss of performance,” said Kevin Harper, Reliability Engineer, Atlantic LNG. “By adopting this technology we are able to realize the true potential of our facilities as operating conditions change. The AMS Performance Monitor will provide us with the tool to improve our business processes.”

The embracing of AMS Performance Monitor will enable Atlantic LNG to be proactive with their maintenance management decisions. Throughout the seven year duration of this project, Emerson will provide a team of dedicated engineers to handle the day-to-day evaluation of Atlantic LNG’s performance results, including impartial consultancy and expertise to analyze and interpret the performance data and results. This team will work alongside reliability engineers from Atlantic LNG to identify performance degradations, implement proactive maintenance, provide notification of changes in asset performance, and assess the financial impact of performance upon their process.

“Our major goal is to ensure our customers continue to realize value from our products and services and this is another prime example. We are delighted that Atlantic LNG are already realizing value through AMS Performance Monitor and have extended the existing contract to incorporate additional units,” said Craig Llewellyn, president of the Asset Optimization division of Emerson Process Management.

The AMS Performance Monitor is complementary to Emerson’s CSI 4500 Machinery Health Monitor, providing a combined predictive diagnostics solution for both performance and condition monitoring of key production assets. The CSI 4500 Online Machinery Health Monitor integrates with the AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager software application. Both AMS Performance Monitor and AMS Machinery Manager form part of AMS Suite – an integrated family of software applications for predictive maintenance, performance monitoring and economic optimization. Emerson complements AMS Suite with PlantWeb Services to ensure successful implementation of the application and maximize the value delivered to manufacturers.

About Emerson Process Management.
Emerson Process Management, an Emerson business, is a leader in helping businesses automate their production, processing and distribution in the chemical, oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, power, water and wastewater treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. Asset Optimization, a division of Emerson Process Management, is a leading worldwide supplier of services and technologies to increase the availability and performance of production assets for improved bottom line results. Asset Optimization plays a key role in Emerson's mission of combining superior products and technology with industry-specific engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services to help customers achieve the potential of their operations.

About Emerson
Emerson (NYSE: EMR), based in St. Louis, is a global leader in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions to customers through its network power, process management, industrial automation, climate technologies, and appliance and tools businesses. Sales in fiscal 2006 were $20.1 billion.
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