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Emerson's Machinery Health saves 1.5M Euros for the Belgian Navy

Emerson's Machinery Health saves 1.5M Euros for the Belgian Navy
Predictive maintenance based on vibration monitoring and oil analysis in mine hunters extends maintenance periods and reduces costs.

AUSTIN, TEXAS (January 25, 2007) -- Emerson Process Management's Machinery Health Management technologies have enabled the Belgian Navy to make significant savings in maintenance costs. By applying vibration and oil analysis technologies to the gas turbines on its mine hunter vessels, the mean time between maintenance (MTBM) has been extended from 2500 hours to 4000 hours, representing a saving of 71,000 Euros for each cycle. The savings enabled over the last seven years total nearly 1.5 million Euros.

In addition, the introduction of a predictive maintenance program of shipboard equipment including motors, pumps, and fans has provided further savings. "Emerson's vibration analysis technologies have been crucial in helping us reduce costs," said M. Bentein, LtCdr (OF3) (T) Ing, Belgian Navy. "I conservatively estimate the savings on all naval equipment to be in the order of 500,000 Euros/year. Emerson is a really good partner in understanding our needs and providing solutions."

The Belgian Navy now operates two frigates and six mine hunters to carry out its peace-keeping and mine counter-measure missions. Operational readiness is essential, and that depends to a large degree on equipment maintenance. With a reduced headcount and the increased use of highly complex equipment such as gas turbines, the Belgian Navy recognized that traditional maintenance practices were not adequate and in 1992 introduced Emerson's predictive maintenance strategies.

Initially, Emerson's CSI Machinery Health Analyzers were used for vibration analysis and AMST Suite: Machinery Health Manager Software was added later. The Navy now has a "state of the art" dual channel CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer. Routine measurements and troubleshooting tasks are enhanced, producing more accurate data and more actionable information than ever before.

Predictive maintenance was seen as a way to spot an impending failure in advance, preventing unexpected breakdowns at sea, keeping costs under control, and giving workers accurate information about the condition of equipment rather than overhauling machines (often unnecessarily) based only on a schedule.

Lubricating oil sampling and analysis is an important part of the Navy's predictive maintenance program. Samples are collected periodically from various pieces of equipment by fleet engineering personnel and delivered to the shore-based Maintenance Group for testing and analysis. The condition of lubricating oil can reveal significant information regarding the equipment from which the sample was taken.

The Belgian Navy is now acquiring two M-class frigates from the Dutch Navy to replace two older Belgian frigates, each with two 33,800 hp Rolls Royce gas turbine prime movers. Predictive maintenance will be implemented on both new ships.

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