GainSpan selects Green Hills Software for Wi-Fi Sensor Network |

GainSpan selects Green Hills Software for Wi-Fi Sensor Network

SANTA BARBARA, CA — May 19, 2008 — Green Hills Software announced that GainSpan Corporation selected µ-velOSity real-time operating system, GHNet TCP/IP stack, other integrated middleware, and the MULTI integrated development environment as the real-time control and communications development platform for its ultra low-power System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solution, the GS1010.

GainSpan provides Wi-Fi semiconductor and software solutions that enable sensors and other devices to run up to 10 years on a single AA battery. This allows users to leverage the global Wi-Fi standard, existing tools, and knowledge investments for new applications such as temperature monitoring for energy management, building automation, condition monitoring for industrial equipment in manufacturing plants or cold storage systems which house critical medical supplies or perishable food.

“We selected Green Hills Software’s operating systems and development tools because of our steadfast commitment to provide proven, reliable, and efficient technologies for commercial, industrial, healthcare and other target markets,” commented Vijay Parmar, president and CEO, GainSpan. “By utilizing Green Hill’s operating system, we can now offer a complete end-to-end solution which enables us to empower our customers with a robust, cost-effective application development platform that exceeds their expectations.”

“GainSpan’s GS1010 integrates dual ARM cores, the latest in Wi-Fi technology, and a plethora of other I/O capabilities into a single ultra low-power SoC,” commented David Kleidermacher, CTO, Green Hills Software. “µ-velOSity was designed precisely for applications like this. We’re proud of GainSpan’s decision to use Green Hills Software for its development and to enable its end customers to deploy cutting edge products to market faster and at the lowest possible manufacturing and development cost.”

About the GS1010
GainSpan’s GS1010 SoC offers flexibility to support a wide range of products and applications with an embedded 802.11b/g radio, two 32-bit ARM7 microcontrollers, real-time clock (RTC) and power management unit, FLASH and SRAM memories along with multiple I/Os, and support for location awareness. The complete solution provides a suite of easy-to-use development tools for OEMs that makes development less time consuming and complicated, so products can get to market quickly.

About Green Hills Software
Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software, Inc. is the technology leader in device software optimization (DSO) and real-time operating systems (RTOS) for 32- and 64-bit embedded systems. Our royalty-free INTEGRITY and velOSity real-time operating systems, µ-velOSity microkernel, IPv6-ready TCP/IP network stacks, GateD layer 3 routing, compilers, MULTI and AdaMULTI integrated development environments, DoubleCheck integrated static analyzer and TimeMachine tool suite offer a complete development solution that addresses both deeply embedded and high-reliability applications. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom.

About GainSpan
GainSpan is a technology innovator and leader in Wi-Fi semiconductor and software solutions that provide years of battery life for sensors and other connected devices. GainSpan brings Wi-Fi sensor networks to life with breakthrough technology that leverages the ubiquitous Wi-Fi infrastructure and enables Wi-Fi devices to run up to 10 years on an AA battery. GainSpan solutions enable people to save money, save energy and work smarter.
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