GarrettCom provides Ethernet switches to Danish rail |

GarrettCom provides Ethernet switches to Danish rail

December 14, 2009 – GarrettCom shipped an order for industrial hardened Ethernet switches worth more than USD 1 million to Danish rail operator DSB in the last 2 quarters of 2009. DSB chose GarrettCom’s Magnum 6KQ Managed Ethernet Field Switches to provide onboard networking to passengers, as well as IP networking for video surveillance within its service area.

“The Danish Rail application demonstrates the benefits of hardened industrial switches for extending broadband accessibility to travelers in Denmark – and around the world,” said Frank Madren, GarrettCom’s president. “People may think that a train provides a human-friendly environment where commercial-grade switches would suffice, but they forget that the equipment also has to survive when people are not on the train – during those long cold nights or hot weekends when the railroad cars are not in normal service and the equipment in the cars is outdoors in train yards.”

Some of the characteristics cited by Danish Rail when making its decision for Magnum 6KQ switches included is IP52 rating, compliance with the EN50155 standard for railways, sealed units with convection cooling, and operation from 125-VDC power input.

About GarrettCom
GarrettCom, Inc., Fremont, Calif., is an industry leader in providing networking solutions for challenging industrial environments, including transportation, video surveillance, traffic control, power utility substations, manufacturing, telecommunications, and water treatment facilities. The company's products provide a comprehensive industrial network architecture encompassing a switched Ethernet core, distributed edge devices for both Ethernet and Serial protocols, and secured connections to various WAN services.
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