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HCC Embedded opens office in Austin, Texas

HCC Embedded opens office in Austin, Texas

December 16, 2014 – HCC Embedded opened an office in Austin, Texas and hired Jim Yastic to head up its expansion in the Americas. Yastic brings many years of experience and has held several senior posts in the embedded industry with companies including Freescale Semiconductor, Metrowerks, and Quadros Systems. In addition to HCC’s growing middleware business, its increasing specialization in verifiable systems, networking, and security has created strong market growth.  The location of the new office in Austin will enable closer partnerships and improved customer service.

“The explosion of interest in IoT has created tremendous opportunity for embedded software vendors,” notes Steve Hoffenberg, director of IoT & Embedded Software at industry analyst firm VDC Research. “Expertise in connectivity and security middleware solutions is particularly valuable in helping many OEMs create new IoT-ready products and adapt their previously unconnected devices.”
In the last two years HCC has introduced several highly innovative products such as a dedicated Smart-meter File System, a verifiable network security stack, and verifiable encryption software. It continues to see an increase in demand for specialized file systems, secure, and certifiable communications in a more connected world. HCC’s innovative approaches to market needs are helping to support industry requirements for optimized performance and verifiable quality standards in embedded software.

CEO Dave Hughes said, “Professionals with Jim’s experience are few and far between and he joins HCC at a time when our business in the US is rapidly growing. Jim’s proven experience in sales, marketing, and business development will help us continue to grow new markets and will bring the highest professional standards to our customers and partners.”

About HCC Embedded
HCC Embedded is a leading supplier of advanced embedded middleware for storage and communication. Implementation is based on a strong process that produces robust, target independent software modules. The company offers an extensive family of products including fail-safe file systems, IPv4 & IPv6, USB software for host and device, flash translation layers, and eTaskSync verifiable scheduler.  Thanks to the Advanced Embedded Framework, HCC software will run seamlessly in most embedded environments regardless of OS, toolchain, or hardware.  All HCC Embedded products are distributed in full source form.

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