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ICS Triplex to install compressor control system on North Sea platform

Maldon, UK – May 9, 2008, ICS Triplex delivered its first UK-built Turbine and Compression Control System to CNR International (UK) Limited (CNRI). The Trusted T6300 system, built at the headquarters of ICS Triplex in Maldon, was completed in March 2008 and will be installed onto CNRI’s Murchison platform in the North Sea during 2009. Once installed, it will monitor and control a gas-lift process which has been introduced to help increase oil production in the Murchison field.

The Trusted system has been built specifically to monitor the condition of the compressor and to control the start sequence and compressor loading process. It utilises the unique SurgeGard system from ICS Triplex, which offers incipient surge detection and control. By detecting the rate at which the flow changes, SurgeGard can calculate a compressor’s proximity to surge and implement measures to prevent it from occurring. As a result the system offers a highly efficient surge control solution.

Production began at the Murchison field in 1980, making Murchison one of the most mature fields in the North Sea. Over time, as oil has been recovered, the cavity has lost pressure which has caused oil production to slow. Injecting pressurised gas down the well will help increase the pressure and cause the oil to flow to the surface quicker, thus increasing oil production.

About ICS Triplex plc
ICS Triplex plc, a Rockwell Automation company, has over 40 years of experience in developing, engineering, manufacturing and maintaining safety, critical and control solutions for both onshore and offshore installations. Applications include emergency shutdown, fire and gas detection, burner management, process control and turbomachinery & compressor control. Thousands of systems have been supplied to the world's premier companies in oil and gas, refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and power generation.

The origins of the company are in the supply of fully integrated turnkey solutions for safety, critical and control systems. The industry leading safety and critical control system are also available through a network of independent integrators and third party organizations which are certified by ICS Triplex, providing customers with a local source of safety and critical control products and services.

ICS Triplex is headquartered in the U.K. With offices around the world, ICS Triplex helps customers to improve their profitability, building value for end users and shareholders alike.
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