Imprinting machine uses Baumüller's servo direct drives |

Imprinting machine uses Baumüller's servo direct drives

Imprinting machine uses Baumüller's servo direct drives
April 12, 2007 - Nuremberg. Baumüller's intelligent and highly dynamic servo axes are used in the EDM 200 developed by Sondermaschinen Oschersleben GmbH (SMO). This compact imprinting machine operates according to the principle of flexo printing and covers a wide range of applications in label and ticket printing. With a straight width of just two meters, this machine can complete small and rapid print jobs with high cost-efficiency.

Until recently there were no printing machines that could also perform small print runs cost-effectively. "The market demanded an easy-to-operate machine that could provide delivery on demand," explains Dieter Arabin. The solution was flexo printing with the new EDM 200 imprinting machine, which is fitted with a Baumüller automation system. EDM 200 can typically be used to impress personalized data, such as the best before date, or a description of variety, on ready-made labels for jam jars.

EDM 200 is equipped with a complete Baumüller automation system consisting of an operator panel, b maXX-drivePLC integrated controller, b maXX converters and motors for print unit drives, web transport, rewinder and winder drives and an I/O module. Moving the web through this straight two-meter-wide machine requires highly accurate mechanics and precise software. A Baumüller DSD motor is used here as it provides the low level of inertia required, as permanent acceleration and braking movements have to be executed in the back-step sequence. The synchronized movement of the drives is actuated via the CANsync fieldbus with a jitter of less than 1 µs. b maXX is used to efficiently evaluate the print mark sensor. No special hardware is required to use the integrated plug-in measuring function in b maXX, as the print mark sensor is evaluated at high speed via a digital I/O card. The machine I/Os are connected via the CANopen fieldbus.

The basic requirements when developing the imprinting machine were to avoid waste when switching jobs and to keep tool costs and setup times as low as possible. EDM 200 can print with a printing plate with only one panel. Variable formats can also be printed thanks to the discontinuous movement of the material web, the back-step, with a single printing cylinder. The variety of formats that can be printed is almost limitless. In several print runs EDM 200 can print several colors and even print multi-colored labels. The integrated register control makes it possible to perform multi-copy printing. Baumüller servo drives have to be controlled precisely in order to precisely map the printing plate with repeatable accuracy. The b maXX 4400 servo controller in the print unit also has an integrated PLC and functions both as a CANsync and as a CANopen master.

Baumüller with its headquarters located in Nuremberg is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative automation and electric drive systems. About 1,800 employees plan, develop, produce and install complete and intelligent system solutions for mechanical engineering at more than 40 locations spread all over the world: From operation and visualization tools to Motion Control software as per PLCopen, from software modules to controllers, also including converters, electric drives and control cabinets.

The Baumüller Reparaturwerk adds to the company’s after-sales service in the area of service and installations. Baumüller is worldwide one of the leading partners in automation for the machine building industry.
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