Inductive Automation adds MatrikonOPC Tunneller to FactorySQL |

Inductive Automation adds MatrikonOPC Tunneller to FactorySQL

March 10, 2008 - Inductive Automation announced that MatrikonOPC's popular OPC Tunneller is now included as an optional installation in their unified installer system. The OPC Tunneller is the perfect companion to FactorySQL, and allows users to easily overcome DCOM headaches to create efficient, seamlessly networked OPC solutions.

Security and configuration problems associated with DCOM have long made even the simplest remote OPC configurations a hassle. MatrikonOPC Tunneller provides the answer, translating local COM based OPC calls into standard network traffic. Furthermore, it provides a range of additional features such data encryption, compression, and aggregation making it the perfect choice for someone looking to collect data from one or more remote sources. Configuration is minimal, allowing users to get up and running extremely quickly.

FactorySQL is an industry leading OPC to SQL databridge. It provides bi-directional synchronization, historical logging, e-mail alert notifications, and much more. When paired with the MatrikonOPC Tunneler, within minutes users could have data being retrieved from any number of remote sources and available in their corporate database. There truly isn't a more cost effective, powerful way to retrieve and monitor remote data.
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