Insulfoam Cutter running on PBC linear guide |

Insulfoam Cutter running on PBC linear guide

Insulfoam Cutter running on PBC linear guide
November 25, 2008 – The PBC Linear Integral V linear guide system has been used to improve reliability and precision while at the same time reducing the cost of mounting components for Insulfoam—a leading producer of polystyrene foam molds used by homeowners and industry applications alike. After the replacement of the old system, the polystyrene foam was cut more accurately and product loss was significantly reduced—forming a successful, lasting bond between PBC Linear and Insulfoam.

Introduced in 2008, Integral V Technology (IVT) works by eliminating mounting components to reduce cost but maintains a precision aligned linear guide system. With tighter tolerances, this hard anodized guide system comes available in several different configurations and carriage sizes to accomplish a wide range of tasks.

Foam cutting creates an extremely dirty environment. Extra particulate debris flies everywhere and can cause some linear guide systems to seize up and quit functioning, creating downtime and potential loss of product. The initial guiding system used by the Insulfoam foam-cutting drill rig were large, inaccurate V-rollers installed on a V-shaped track. The track gave the drill rig too much play to shift back and forth thus creating inaccurate cuts in the foam and loss of product. Now running along an Integral V track, the drill rig can move more precisely and excel in the dusty environment while using fewer mounting components.

“Going with the IVT rail system solved the problem with our drill rig. Our drill rig now holds precise tolerance and travels back and forth with a very smooth fluid motion. The IVT system also does an excellent job dealing with the dusty environment. Our production and the quality of our production have improved tremendously,” reports Doug Berggren of Insulfoam.
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