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IPS supplying Foxboro DCSes to ethanol refineries in Canada

FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS, USA - April 2, 2007 - Invensys Process Systems is providing Foxboro I/A Series distributed control systems (DCS) for two new Husky Energy grassroots ethanol refineries in western Canada.

The Invensys implementations include the latest mesh control network-based I/A Series system technology, intelligent measurement and instrumentation equipment, and a range of professional services.

Husky Energy's ethanol plant at Lloydminster, Saskatchewan commenced operations in September 2006. The company's second ethanol plant at Minnedosa, Manitoba is scheduled to start up in late 2007. The plants are the largest of their kind in western Canada.

Each of the two new plants will produce 130 million litres (34.3 million gallons) of ethanol annually, to be blended up to 10 percent into gasoline products to help motorists reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The grain-based processes will use high-starch feed-quality wheat as feedstock, consuming approximately 350,000 tonnes annually for each plant.

The Foxboro DCS implementations each communicate with approximately 1,800 direct I/O points and 2000 I/O points through multiple PLCs. The plants' networked control systems each include three pairs of Foxboro ZCP 270 control processors in fault-tolerant configurations connected with distributed I/O cabinets at nine process units throughout each plant. The systems perform a wide variety of control functions, including batch processing applications. At the Lloydminster site, the ethanol plant controls are integrated with existing I/A Series control consoles at the adjacent existing Husky Lloydminster heavy oil upgrader facility, which has been under I/A Series control since 1992.

Invensys Canada is also providing various professional services for each DCS implementation, including database engineering, graphics development, configuration services, start-up assistance and training for engineers and operators.

About Husky Energy Inc.
Husky Energy is a Canadian-based integrated energy and energy-related company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Husky Energy is a publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol HSE.

About Invensys
Invensys is the world leader in industrial asset performance management. In addition to its rapidly expanding Global Solutions and Performance Management services groups, Invensys' automation businesses includes industry-leading brands such as Foxboro, Triconex, SimSci-Esscor, Wonderware, and Avantis, whose products are installed in more than 100,000 plants across the world. These range from small hybrid and batch plants to the world's largest upstream projects, refineries, gas plants, petrochemicals plants, power plants, and pulp and paper mills.

The Invensys Group is headquartered in London and is listed on the London Stock Exchange, with approximately 30,000 employees working in 60 countries.
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