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IPS to design Biofuels Processes for Novus Energy

JANUARY 15, 2009 - Invensys Process Systems (IPS) will supply simulation software and other products from its Process Engineering Suite (PES) of solutions to help design second-generation biofuels processes for Novus Energy, LLC, a Minnesota-based renewable fuels development company.

As the world migrates to second-generation biofuels that reduce emissions while fueling their energy needs in a sustainable manner, new processes must be designed and developed. This includes building and operating new biofuel plants. Efficient and safe design of these new plants using simulation software has proven that being more environmentally responsible does not negatively impact the bottom line. Instead, it not only improves the bottom line, it also aids in bringing the plant online faster.

“Global production of biofuels is increasing in response to worldwide demand. PRO/II modeling software and other products within our PES of solutions will not only design environmentally friendly and safe processes, but also help Novus Energy reduce their capital and operating costs,” said Joseph McMullen, PES Product Manager for IPS. “Our PRO/II solution provides the functionality and flexibility required to model high fidelity biofuel processes with integrated correlations and reaction models. Additionally, the other products in our PES contribute to efficient and safe process design. It is good for the environment and for the bottom line.”

PES is a consistent set of technically superior tools for process engineering design and operational analysis. The integrated suite of software readily interfaces with other applications commonly used by process engineers, thus enhancing productivity in the plant lifecycle. PES consists of the company’s PRO/II, HEXTRAN, INPLANT, VISUAL FLOW and DATACON software solutions. PRO/II software provides general-purpose process flow sheeting and optimization. HEXTRAN software is a comprehensive heat-transfer simulation and pinch analysis program. INPLANT software provides multiphase, fluid flow simulation for plant piping networks. VISUAL FLOW software is used for the design and modeling of safety systems and pressure relief networks. Together these products provide engineers with everything needed to efficiently design a safe operating process.

“We chose IPS’ Process Engineering Suite because of its diverse set of programs that allows process simulation modeling to improve our heat recovery processes, data reconciliation, and operational verification and what-if scenarios,” said Al Burbeck, Vice President Engineering and Operations of Novus Energy. “Our process is substantially thermal catalytic at elevated pressures and temperatures, and PES is well suited to help us design and maximize our facilities. In addition to that, IPS has provided outstanding support.”

About Novus Energy
Novus Energy, LLC, a Minnesota (U.S.A.) renewable fuels development company, was organized in 2004 to design, fabricate and rollout high-yield alternative fuels facilities. Feedstocks include organic waste materials (including cellulosic wastes), natural gas and coal bed methane. Among the alternative fuels to be produced are synthetic diesel, ethanol and industrial grade alcohols. The company’s proprietary front-end process generates methane-rich biogas from advanced anaerobic digestion methods, and converts the biogas to alternative fuels and higher alcohols using a novel renewable gas-to-liquid (RGL TM) process. The company currently has contracts to build refineries at a North Dakota sugar beet processor and a Minneapolis landfill while contracts are in process at an Idaho potato plant, a North Dakota Municipality, a Texas Creamery and at an Iowa site where a biodigester facility is in the early planning stages using corn ethanol thin stillage to produce methane rich biogas for use as a substitute for natural gas while returning clean water to the ethanol plant for production use. Organic fertilizer in both liquid and pellet form will be harvested from the sludge residue. Additional farm waste, such as corn stover, is being evaluated as an additional biodigester feedstock.

About IPS (Invensys Process Systems)
Invensys Process Systems (IPS), headquartered in Plano, Texas, is a global technology, software and consulting firm leading significant change in process manufacturing, plant optimization, business operations and enterprise performance. IPS clients are some of the world’s most important industrial organizations — companies that operate large oil refineries; plants that process chemicals, gas, LNG, power, pharmaceutical and minerals; and pulp and paper mills. IPS solutions, used at over 50,000 locations around the globe, include field devices and controls from Foxboro and Triconex, advanced applications from SimSci-Esscor, operations management from Avantis, and the world’s first truly open enterprise control system, InFusion.

The company’s approximately 7,500 employees integrate these capabilities to create solutions that impact and increase efficiency, boost productivity, and accelerate performance. These results help industrial companies run safer, operate more efficiently, and extract useful knowledge from their operations to make faster, better decisions.

The Invensys Group is headquartered in London and is listed on the London Stock Exchange (ISYS.L), with approximately 25,000 employees working in 60 countries.
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