ISaGRAF supplies IEC 61131-3 programming to SIXNET |

ISaGRAF supplies IEC 61131-3 programming to SIXNET

June 18, 2009 - ISaGRAF announced that its flagship product ISaGRAF is the software of choice for SIXNET’s IPm2m RTU and Datalogger.

The IPm2m is an innovative combination of a remote terminal unit, a datalogger, a telemetry interface, and a real-time database client. It features flexible software options, including IEC 61131-3 graphical programming thanks to the embedded feature-rich ISaGRAF Open, which is based on ISaGRAF 5.

SIXNET and ISaGRAF have a longstanding relationship going back to 1995. SIXNET was the first Automation vendor to offer ISaGRAF as a standard feature. In 2008, SIXNET introduced a seamless migration path for the tens of thousands of installed ISaGRAF applications (from v.3 to v.5) so that new and existing users could take advantage of the latest application development technology while maintaining their existing applications.

About ISaGRAF 5
ISaGRAF 5 is the world’s first commercially-available IEC 61499 automation software. It offers unparalleled functionality and benefits by incorporating both the IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 standards. Using ISaGRAF 5, any field device manufacturer has the ability to turn their equipment into an IEC 61499 product. For example, intelligent flow meters can act as a regulator and control a valve while being part of an integrated distributed control system.

ISaGRAF – A Rockwell Automation Company, with offices in Canada, the U.S., and France, is the world’s leading automation software partner. The company’s flagship product ISaGRAF is fully compliant with both IEC 61499 and IEC 61131 industrial standards, as confirmed by TÜV Rheinland, and can be used to build a variety of automation products including embedded µcontrollers, PAC, PLC, DCS, RTU, CNC and motion controllers. ISaGRAF sustains a high level of standardization, integration and communication within modern automation systems, resulting in high-end, real-time open control systems with crash-proof reliability, powerful performance and flexibility.
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