Matrikon supplies Alarm Management to LyondellBasell Europe |

Matrikon supplies Alarm Management to LyondellBasell Europe

July 11, 2008 - Matrikon Deutschland AG entered into a license agreement with LyondellBasell Industries which allows all LyondellBasell production facilities in Europe to integrate and use Matrikon’s Alarm Management software suite with a variety of different control systems, thus establishing a system-independent standard for the evaluation of alarm performance throughout LyondellBasell’s European operations. In addition, the agreement may be expanded to include international joint-ventures of LyondellBasell or to upgrade the European sites with additional functionality such as Matrikon’s Control Performance and Equipment and Asset Monitoring products.

Timo Klingenmeier, General Manager of Matrikon Deutschland stated: “The solution enables LyondellBasell to focus on the technical and organizational benefits of implementing a standardized Alarm management system across multiple sites. We are proud to be selected by LyondellBasell Industries as one of the largest global chemical companies for this important aspect of plant safety and reliability.”

Harald König, Alarm Management Project Lead at LyondellBasell Europe, stated: “We chose Matrikon Alarm Manager because of its ability to easily connect to different types of DCS and other control systems, and because it has extensions to monitor plant performance, control loops, and other plant assets. In addition, Alarm Manager provides a standard set of EEMUA metrics from all the different DCS systems allowing us to benchmark and monitor the performance of each plant in a standardized manner. These metrics will be used to focus on key issues, thus simplifying further alarm system optimization.”

About Matrikon
Matrikon is a leading provider of integrated industrial intelligence solutions that enable manufacturing plants to achieve operational excellence by transforming production data into knowledge to predict and prevent problems and optimize operations. Matrikon's customers achieve agile operations through the combination of external market and plant data to make informed, intelligent decisions in real-time. With offices in major cities throughout North America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East and a global client base including industry leaders in a wide range of process industries, Matrikon's reach is global.

About LyondellBasell
LyondellBasell Industries is one of the world’s largest polymers, petrochemicals and fuels companies. We are the global leader in polyolefins technology, production and marketing; a pioneer in propylene oxide and derivatives; a significant producer of advanced fuel products; and the owner of one of North America’s largest full-conversion refineries. Through research and development, LyondellBasell develops innovative materials and technologies that deliver exceptional customer value and products that improve quality of life for people around the world. Headquartered in The Netherlands, LyondellBasell is privately owned by Access Industries.
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