Metso to control Electric Power Plants in Buryatia |

Metso to control Electric Power Plants in Buryatia

December 9, 2013 - Electric Power Plants is modernizing and increasing capacity at its Gusinoozyorskaya thermal power plant in Gusinoozyorsk, Republic of Buryatia, in Eastern Siberia. The company is equipping its 210 MW Block 4 with a new process automation system supplied by Metso and its Russian partner Rakurs. The launch is scheduled for 2013. With higher-level automation technology, the plant is able to improve plant control and monitoring. For example, plant startups and production rampups will be faster.

The Gusinoozyorskaya plant provides electricity to Buryatia and nearby regions and heat to the City of Gusinoozyorsk with a population of 24,000. It generates approximately 4.3 million kWh of electricity per year and has a heat output of approximately 320,000 Gcal. The plant's installed power generation capacity amounts to 1,100 MW.

The delivery scope for coal-fired Block 4 includes a process automation system which is manufactured by Russian engineering company Rakurs and based on Metso's Metso DNA system. It will form a solid, reliable foundation for all other systems at the plant. Rakurs designs the control and SCADA levels in the process control system and delivers the control cabinets and software. It also supplies commissioning and installation supervision.

"The customer will get high-tech products from Rakurs built on Metso's high-quality equipment. As an engineering partner of Metso, a world-known Finnish manufacturer, we think that its equipment responds well to the needs of large high-tech projects," says Katerina Sazhina, Head of PR and GR service SPC Rakurs Ltd. "Together with our integrated engineering solutions, Metso's equipment provides our customers with safe and reliable operation".

JSC INTER RAO - Electric Power Plants manages Russian power generation facilities of Inter RAO Group. The company runs 17 large plants with 21,161 MW of power combined generation capacity. It is also involved in electricity retail sales, international power trading, power industry engineering, export of power industry equipment as well as management of distribution grids outside Russia.

SPC "Rakurs" is the leader in the Russian market in industrial automation for hydro and heat power stations. The company provides a full engineering cycle on creation of industrial automation systems: design and implementation of technological process control systems with software, manufacturing of factory-assembled equipment for industrial automation, installation and commissioning of automation systems, personnel training for service of technological process control systems, and aftersales support for automation systems. The complete integrated solutions of SPC "Rakurs" in the field of industrial automation provide better competitiveness for customers.

Metso is a global supplier of technology and services to customers in the process industries, including mining, construction, pulp and paper, power, and oil and gas. Our 30,000 professionals based in over 50 countries deliver sustainability and profitability to customers worldwide. Expect results.

Automation segment's process automation and flow control solutions meet the growing needs of Metso's customer industries to improve production process efficiency as raw materials and energy sources become scarcer and their costs increase. Our global network of service experts delivers business solutions to our customers that improve their productivity, lower risks and optimize costs.

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