Metso to supply bleach optimization solution to pulp & paper mill in Belgium |

Metso to supply bleach optimization solution to pulp & paper mill in Belgium

Metso to supply bleach optimization solution to pulp & paper mill in Belgium

May 22, 2012 - Metso won an order from Burgo Ardennes to supply a bleaching line optimization solution for its mill of Virton, Belgium.

In its process to replace its aging Kappa analyzer, Burgo Ardennes, which is an integrated plant producing hardwood kraft pulp and woodfree coated paper, made the decision to invest in a global optimization solution for its bleaching line.

This new solution aims at establishing the stability of the pulping process, which leads to the optimization of the bleaching production, the decrease of the chemicals consumption and then the decrease of the impact on the environment. Another key element is to better maintain the stability of the end product's brightness together with on-spec production, thus allowing the mill to maximize the profitability of its pulping line.

Metso's delivery will include advanced controls Metso Bleaching Optimizer which includes necessary sensors and analyzers like Metso Kappa Analyzer for kappa and brightness measurements. New samplers will be added as well as new in-line sensors like Metso Brightness Measurement will be installed for continuous brightness measurements and Metso Filtrate Sampler for pH measurements. This full solution will be installed in the bleaching fiber line. First part of the project will be completed in Summer 2012, and second part in Autumn 2012.

Metso's solution was chosen not only because of its proven reliability but also because of the extensive knowledge of the pulp process Metso has been developing for decades. Today Metso Kappa and brightness analyzers provide the standard platform for process optimization and quality control at most of the leading chemical pulp mills in the world.

Burgo Ardennes is part of the Italian Burgo Group established in January 2007 and one of the world's leading producers of coated papers. Burgo Group has 13 plants and, 20 production lines with an output of 2,7 million tons of graphic paper. The group also produces and sells pulp and energy, with volumes that complement its core business, and aims to be a preferred European paper manufacturer in terms of the quality of its products and services.

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