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Microscan announces free machine vision training course

Microscan announces free machine vision training course

December 1, 2016 – Microscan announced a three-day training course on advanced machine vision tools taught through hands- on exercises using Microscan’s advanced Visionscape Machine Vision Software platform. The course will be held in Microscan’s Northeast Technology Center in Nashua, New Hampshire, from December 6-8, 2016 at 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM daily. Attendance is free and online registration is available for all users; recommended for
those with intermediate to advanced experience with machine vision or programming.

While human inspectors on assembly lines visually inspect parts to judge the quality of workmanship, machine vision systems use cameras and image processing software to perform the same evaluations tirelessly and with greater precision. Machine vision inspection plays and important role in achieving 100% quality control in manufacturing, reducing costs, and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Machine vision systems not only provide product tracking by way of barcodes and text to create traceable production histories, but can also guide products through automated operations, match products with labels and packaging, and compare product features to expected shapes, colors, fill levels, and sizes.

Part of Microscan’s Certified Training program, this three-day machine vision training course offers an in- depth study of Microscan’s complete machine vision tool library available in its advanced Visionscape Machine Vision Software. Training will provide an overview of common machine vision applications with hands-on exercises setting up machine vision inspection tools and programming jobs to solve a range of tasks from basic barcode reading and text recognition to complex measurements, defect detection, and guidance. Attendees will learn to use tools like Decode, OCR, Count, Measure, OCV, Symbol Quality Verification, and more, as well as monitor results. Microscan machine vision technology experts will be available to offer one-on-one guidance on attendees’ specific applications and automation projects and attendees are invited to bring their parts or barcodes to the event to discuss with the Microscan team.

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