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Misumi supplies mechanical parts to Farris Automated Systems

Misumi supplies mechanical parts to Farris Automated Systems
May 10, 2007 - Farris Automated Systems (FAS) in Hartland, Wisconsin is a system integrator focused on the design, production and assembly of custom turnkey automation systems, mechanical systems and PLC/drive controls for use throughout North American industries. The company specializes in pick-and-place and assembly applications for food processing and automotive component manufacturers.

Recently, FAS developed an ultrasonic welding and tubing cutoff machine for a biomedical plastics manufacturer. FAS began the design stage by finding locating pins, linear shafts, linear bushings, stopper blocks, timing belts, timing pulleys and hexagonal posts with the MISUMI CAD configurator. With this system, FAS engineers were able to configure the parts, download the native CAD files, modify the files and then insert the files directly into their CAD assemblies.

FAS noted that for this project the objective was to outsource the components that, if produced in-house, typically take significant time and effort. This would allow FAS to concentrate on designing and building the more unique assemblies used in the machine. FAS was able to achieve this objective by using MISUMI components.

FAS began using MISUMI mechanical/automation components in August, 2005. FAS engineers found MISUMI while searching the Internet for alternative suppliers of components commonly used in their custom machines. Brian Terry, FAS Project Manager, along with President Mark Johansen, said, “We were looking for an alternative source for standard components used in a wide variety of our subassemblies, because our full-service machine shop couldn’t keep up with demand.”

“Another benefit in using MISUMI components is that the company has no minimum order quantity, no set up charges and deliveries can be staged when scheduled,” added Brian Terry. Furthermore, Terry found the quality of MISUMI components, whether standard or configured, is consistently high as FAS experienced no quality issues with the components.

For this project FAS also utilized the MISUMI Web Ordering System, which allows specified components to be recycled. In other words, components common to more than one machine can be stored online as historical orders or quotations for future reference. “By recycling parts and simply exporting our part data bill of material into an Excel file FAS could quickly add new parts and continue with the design of the machine,” noted Terry. Furthermore, FAS was able to use the Web Ordering System to schedule the placement of the order so the components would be delivered when needed, which produced an inventory carrying cost reduction.

FAS also found that by using the MISUMI Web Ordering System, the engineers were able to add parts to the Request for Quotation (RFQ). As Terry explained, FAS added MISUMI parts to the RFQ at various stages during the design of the machine and would receive instant pricing and shipping information. FAS would then complete the RFQ online to verify that the component costs and deliveries were meeting the objectives of the project.

Terry closed by saying, “When you offer the range of products MISUMI does, plus the CAD configurator and the Web Ordering System, it’s an awesome asset to the FAS business as it keeps our overhead down, which keeps us competitive in the marketplace.” Terry found that using MISUMI components translated to substantial cost reductions on this ultrasonic welding and tubing cutoff machine project.

About Farris Automated Systems L.L.C.
Farris Automated Systems L.L.C. (FAS) is a privately owned company located in Hartland, Wisconsin. FAS specializes in being a full service system integrator with the capabilities to design, build, install and service turnkey automation systems. Its core competencies include fastening cells used in automotive and electronic assembly processes. FAS has experience installing systems throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

About MISUMI USA, Inc.
Located in Schaumburg, Illinois, MISUMI USA, Inc. was established in 1988 as a subsidiary of Japan based MISUMI Corporation. MISUMI USA, Inc. is a leading supplier of configurable and fixed components for factory automation. In addition, MISUMI USA, Inc. offers a range of press and plastic die components, cutting tools, and gauges.
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