Northwire collaborates with assemblers for custom cord sets |

Northwire collaborates with assemblers for custom cord sets

Northwire collaborates with assemblers for custom cord sets
April 12, 2007 - OSCEOLA, Wis. — When OEMs and plant engineers need made-to-order assemblies of cord sets and power cords for volumes of one to 1,000 pieces or more, assemblers from around the world team with Northwire, Inc. Northwire has relationships with more than 250 assemblers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

“Many leading technical-cable suppliers do not fill custom orders for volumes less than 10,000 feet, but Northwire has a 35-year history of successfully collaborating with assemblers of varying sizes to meet their customers’ needs—with no minimum-length requirements,” says Ted Beach, director of sales, Northwire, Inc. “We have account managers dedicated to working with assembler customers who are experienced in understanding what they need and how quickly they need it.”

This year, Northwire marks 20 years of working with one such assembler, Interpower Corporation, in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Interpower uses Northwire products to manufacture North American and international (foreign-compatible) power cords and cord sets for their customers. Northwire custom-configured a suite of cable products to meet specific requirements of Interpower customers.

“When we identify a new opportunity for a product we can’t pursue with our existing suite of Northwire’s products, we call them to help us develop a configuration to meet the needs of the marketplace,” says Bob Wersen, president, Interpower Corporation. “Northwire responds to our customer’s needs quickly with quality solutions that enable us to deliver the service our customers require.

“Our relationship with Northwire is a really effective collaboration. They’re reliable, responsive and eager to please—all the attributes you dream of in a supplier partner,” says Wersen.

Northwire cable products include Northwire SJT rugged-duty PVC insulated flexible power cord; EnduroFLEX ERP dual-rated STOOW and exposed-run rated tray cable; Northwire Retractile Power Cordage; Northwire SPT parallel flat power cordage; and made-to-order cable for industrial networks and sensors.

Interpower provides international power cords and cord sets, plugs, sockets and connectors, high-power pin and sleeve devices, models and strain reliefs, socket strips and medical products, transformers and voltage chargers.

Northwire, Inc. is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of industrial-grade technical cable. Custom design choices include paired, non-paired, triads, various shielding and grounding options, special insulation options, and a variety of conductor and jacket materials and colors. Northwire celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2007.
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