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OSI to supply SCADA to Old Dominion Electric Cooperative

December 15, 2008 - Open Systems International announces that Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) of Glen Allen, Virginia has chosen to continue its relationship with OSI for ODEC’s next-generation SCADA/Energy Management System (EMS).

ODEC, which first implemented OSI’s monarch SCADA system in 2000, is a wholesale power supplier to 12 not-for-profit member-owned distribution cooperatives in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. These distribution cooperatives serve over a half million homes and businesses in some of the fastest growing suburban and rural areas of the Mid-Atlantic.

OSI’s new monarch platform will allow ODEC to remain flexible in an ever-changing utility industry and in the face of regulatory changes by providing a modern and secure operations control system based on an open architecture, facilitating upgrades of hardware and software as well as offering a lower recurring maintenance cost.

The new system is based on the latest release of OSI’s monarch distributed open platform and includes Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Historical Information System, Calculation and Trending subsystems, Web-based Graphical User Interface, ICCP and DNP communications and a Backup Control Center. The architecture will be based on a VMware ESX server configuration. The implementation of OSI’s monarch environment in a virtual VMware environment is an initiative from OSI gaining popular response from IT-centric customers.

ODEC is a not-for-profit generation and transmission cooperative and power provider to 12 member electric distribution cooperatives, including 10 in Virginia and one each in Maryland and Delaware. The cooperative owns and operates two combustion turbine generation facilities in Virginia and owns 50 percent of a combustion turbine facility in Maryland. It also owns 50 percent of the Clover Power Station and an 11.6 percent interest in the North Anna Nuclear Power Station, both in Virginia.
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