OTTO Motors releases OTTO Industrial API |

OTTO Motors releases OTTO Industrial API

OTTO Motors releases OTTO Industrial API

March 9, 2018 - OTTO Motors released the OTTO Industrial API. The Industrial API addresses the challenge of machine-to-machine communication and full industrial automation by simplifying the process of connecting equipment and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to OTTO.

As a collaborating company with Inductive Automation, OTTO Motors integrated Ignition software as part of the Industrial API architecture. Ignition is a software platform with a feature set that include the translation of different protocols to the ones needed to speak to PLCs within manufacturing environments; therefore, contributing to a closed loop automation system.

Available now, the OTTO Industrial API connects self-driving vehicles to existing automation systems and processes, providing integration of OTTO with standardized integrations with industry-standard software and protocols. The Ignition server software creates total system integration for the plant floor.

About OTTO Motors

OTTO Motors designs, manufactures and operates self-driving vehicles to automate material movement inside busy factories and warehouses. Using self-driving technology much like the Google Car, the OTTO vehicles move inventory in a flexible manner throughout the indoor supply chain.

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