Safety Network International certifies Hokuyo EWF SafetyNET |

Safety Network International certifies Hokuyo EWF SafetyNET

April 4, 2014 - Safety Network International certifies Hokuyo EWF for the real-time Ethernet systemSafetyNET. 

In many areas there is a requirement to use SafetyNET in a mobile environment. In this case it's necessary to transmit safety-related and automation data to a mobile machine part via wireless communication. So the electrical connection is transferred to an optical path. This is where the EWF Series from Hokuyo can be used: communication is wireless via a modular, infrared light beam.

The high-performance units in the EWF Series from Hokuyo Automatic Co., Ltd have been specially designed for high-speed data transmission and achieve a speed of 100 Mbit/s using an Ethernet connection.

The EWF Series is immune to electrical interference, ambient light and optical radiation and represents a cost-effective, safe, high-speed method of communication. The compact design and simple commissioning and alignment are also an advantage to users. The units are typically used in pairs, providing bi-directional duplex data transmission. The operating range is up to 100 metres; a version is also available with an operating range of up to 50 metres.
Safety Network International e.V.:
Safety Network International e.V. is the independent user organisation that supports the Ethernet-based communication system SafetyNET p and the safe fieldbus system SafetyBUS p. Member companies are users, integrators, universities and manufacturers of products for both systems. The organisation's aim is to promote the systems' use and technological development, for the benefit of members and all users of the systems. The organisation was founded in 1999 and has around 70 member companies worldwide, who are supported by branches in Germany, North America and Japan.

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