Secomea works with RRAMAC to create automated data collection system |

Secomea works with RRAMAC to create automated data collection system

Secomea works with RRAMAC to create automated data collection system

September 14, 2016 – RRAMAC today announced the release of a turnkey hosted data collection and reporting system for industrial equipment manufactures and end-users. The system will combine Secomea’s SiteManager hardware and RRAMAC’s EdgeScout Remote Monitoring solution to create an advanced system for the industrial marketplace.

Secomea’s SiteManager hardware is part of the company’s Industry 4.0 Certified remote access solution, which is used by machine builders and system integrators all over the world. The solution consists of a software or hardware-based control unit that is installed at a factory (SiteManager), and a Web- or Windows-based client (LinkManager) operated by technicians or end-users. These two components are tied together via a central M2M communication server (GateManager).

In the latest release of SiteManager (V.7.0), Secomea introduced EasyLogging, which allows for the creation of static connections by end-points, using simple drag-and-drop in a Web GUI. End-points could be devices in factories and a central log server, and the technology is completely transparent to firewalls, subnet conflicts, etc.

RRAMAC’s EdgeScout solution enhances Secomea’s remote connectivity solution by providing features such as hosted data storage, web-based dashboards, custom smart phone apps, and alarm history.  EdgeScout analytics include predictive maintenance alerts, downtime reports, remote inventory tracking, energy management, and other custom reports.  EdgeScout interfaces with ordering and billing systems, maintenance management systems, and other enterprise software platforms in order to streamline the ordering of consumable goods or replacement parts at remote sites.

The turnkey solution from RRAMAC is scheduled for release in early November of 2016. The system will allow SiteManager to function as a data collection node with local PLC communication drivers and will transmit data to the EdgeScout-hosted server on a report by exception basis with local store and forward functionality. This architecture significantly reduces the network bandwidth requirements for data collection while minimizing the likelihood of missing a critical data update.

About Secomea

Secomea is a privately owned company and one of the world-wide leading providers of secure, simple and scalable remote access solutions for the automation and machine industry. Secomea emphasizes making solutions easy to install, setup and use – especially for non IT-literate people. 

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