Siemens supplies drives for Chinese steel factory |

Siemens supplies drives for Chinese steel factory

Metals Technologies (MT), a division of the Siemens Group Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S), received an order from Shougang Jingtang United Iron and Steel Co. to supply the electrical engineering equipment for three new strip-treatment lines. This includes the basic and process automation and all of the drive systems for a continuous-annealing line and two hot-dip-galvanizing lines. Speed-controlled drive systems of the type Sinamics will be used for the first time in a Chinese steelworks. The value of the order totals approximately EUR 18 million and the treatment lines are scheduled to start production in the spring of 2009.

Shougang Jingtang is a joint-venture company of Shougang Corp. and Tangshan Iron & Steel Co. As part of the efforts to improve the local environmental situation, the company is moving its production facilities from inside the city limits of Peking to a new location not far from Tianjin. Here, a new steel-production complex with an annual capacity of 1.5 million metric tons is being built on an artificial peninsula near Caofeidian. From 2009 onwards, structural steel, white goods and starting material for the regional automotive industry will be produced here.

The new treatment lines, including an annealing line with an annual capacity of 830,000 metric tons and two hot-dip-galvanizing installations—one for processing 462,000 metric tons and the other for 339,000 metric tons per year—will be used to process low-alloy and cold-rolled carbon steels for high-quality car body parts, among other applications.

For these new lines, Siemens is supplying all of the drive systems as well as the basic and process automation, including the technological controllers for the built-in sizing stand and the stretcher levelers of the galvanizing lines. Altogether, 750 main and auxiliary drives based on three-phase technology will be installed, whereby Sinamics drive systems will be used for the first time in a Chinese steel works. These types of drive are characterized by their compact design, low noise emission, uniform parameterization for the entire product line and extreme ease of maintenance. In addition, the treatment lines are to be equipped with HMI devices with user-friendly process and plant diagnostic functions.

Automation will be carried out with the help of the “Siroll PL” automation concept for strip-treatment plants and will be based on Simatic S7 programmable controllers. Standardized application modules will be used for programming to simplify commissioning and maintenance. The flatness-control system at the sizing stand uses the contactless “Siflat” flatness-measuring system. This makes it possible to ensure compliance within the tight tolerances required by customers in the automotive industry without damaging the surface of the strip, for example as a result of scratches.

For all three lines, Siemens will also be responsible for supervision of the installation and commissioning work as well as customer training. The annealing line will be installed by a consortium comprising SMS Demag AG, Düsseldorf, and Stein-Heurtey, Paris. The two hot-dip-galvanizing installations will be provided by a consortium consisting of the Belgian company CMI, Seraing, and Drever International.

Metals Technologies (MT), a Division of the Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S) Group, is one of the world's leading engineering and plant-building companies for the iron and steel industry as well as for the flat-rolling sector of the aluminum industry and for open-cast mining. MT, which was created from the integration of Voest-Alpine Industrieanlagenbau, Linz/Austria, plus the electrical engineering product business and automation solutions of Siemens, provides a comprehensive range of supplies and services for all related technological processes and integrated automation solutions for the entire life-cycle of metallurgical plants.

The Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S) is the integrator of systems and solutions for industrial and infrastructure facilities and global service provider for the plant and projects business covering planning, installation, operation and the entire life cycle. I&S uses its own products and systems and process technologies in order to enhance productivity and improve competitiveness of companies in the sectors of metallurgy, water treatment, pulp and paper, oil and gas, marine engineering, open-cast mining, airport logistics, postal automation, intelligent traffic systems and industrial services. In fiscal 2006 (to September 30) I&S employed a total of 36,200 people worldwide and achieved total sales of EUR 8.819 billion, according to U.S. GAAP.
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