SMAC LXY actuators automate testing of air bags |

SMAC LXY actuators automate testing of air bags

SMAC LXY actuators automate testing of air bags
January 24, 2008 - SMAC Moving Coil Actuators (MCA) are now used by a major international parts supplier to the automotive industry for measuring & testing safety critical air bag components.

With 100% parts testing of all components now a prerequisite within the automotive industry SMAC’s compact & integrated LXY system has now become a defacto standard where a cost effective, reliable & precise solution is required. SMAC has produced a highly successful system where previously lasers & vision systems have failed.

The fully automated solution which was originally conducted by human hand is now used to 100% measure & test inline production of air bag components which require a total of nine independent checks – 2 checks externally on the component and 7 checks internally within the part. The cycle time from start to finish for each component is less than 2.5 seconds. It runs 24/7 and enables 100% data feedback & verification of each individual test on each individual part.

The SMAC Moving Coil Actuator incorporates the unique ‘Softland’ function which enables full programmability to control speed & positional feedback and therefore the ability to find surfaces or positions in space without damaging the component or SMAC actuator. This facility is used in step 1 of the cycle by gently touching down with a controlled force on the component to be checked and therefore creating a datum point and storing it in a register memory. The cycle then continues and measures the position & width of a machined retaining groove and also checks for chips, swarf & other debris in the retaining groove that would cause potential failure of the air bag to activate when required. This is done with a repeatability of ± 2 encoder counts ensuring an exceptional degree of accuracy.

The bore depth of the component is then measured: The distance to the bottom of the bore is now captured and compared to the previously stored datum point. From this the controller then accurately calculates the actual bore depth and measures it against that required.

The SMAC system automatically checks the bore diameter, bore depth, retaining groove width & diameter, parameters with any problems or discrepancies on the component being flagged up and reported.

This SMAC solution which was highly cost efficient has now been rolled out in a number of sister manufacturing plants across the world.

The SMAC Moving Coil Actuators are designed to deliver the following benefits: Compact overall size, light in weight, extremely fast, highly precise and offering a combination of programmable force, position & velocity in both the linear & rotary axis both at the same time.

Operating Environment: SMAC devices can & are used in machine shop floor environment, offering a solution that can hold up well to the environmental elements commonly present on a machine shop floor.

Gage Correlation: The SMAC actuators are able to be set up in a manner that will allow for them to be easily calibrated & correlated to proven manual or CMM inspection methods.

Output of Variable Data: All SMAC controllers allow for output of variable data in a variety of formats that the user can configure in their program. This allows for ease of use when interfacing the SMAC to another system.

SMAC Inc is the world leader in Moving Coil Actuators and associated control systems. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California USA with subsidiaries throughout the North America, Europe, Asia & Japan. SMAC delivers high tech solutions to industry with single & multi axes linear, linear/rotary actuators, integrated XY & XYZ stages, positioning stages and electronic control solutions.
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