Software Toolbox to provide graphics to Rockwell Automation |

Software Toolbox to provide graphics to Rockwell Automation

March 15, 2010 - Software Toolbox has signed a multi-year agreement with Rockwell Automation to provide its Symbol Factory technology to enhance the graphics library options available to users of FactoryTalk View Site Edition and FactoryTalk View Machine Edition from Rockwell Automation. Rockwell Automation plans to include Symbol Factory in the next release of its FactoryTalk View products later this year.

"Adding Symbol Factory to the FactoryTalk View product line will give our users new choices to build engaging, high-quality operator screens with less engineering time," said Tony Carrara, product manager, FactoryTalk View Site Edition at Rockwell Automation. "This application will help reduce a customer's total cost of ownership and help increase the overall value they receive from their investment in Rockwell Automation products."

Symbol Factory is a graphics symbol manipulation and management application that features a library of more than 5,000 industrial automation graphics. Software Toolbox will work with Rockwell Automation to integrate Symbol Factory into its FactoryTalk View products so developers can easily access and leverage the Symbol Factory library in their HMI/SCADA applications. The ability to access a wide variety of graphics enables developers and integrators to customize their FactoryTalk View screens to enhance the operator's overall performance.

"The Software Toolbox Symbol Factory application will enhance an operator's ability to customize each process screen with the option to select from 60 different categories of graphics," said John Weber, president of Software Toolbox. "Customers can simply select their visualization object of choice to represent a specific HMI function. Engineers can now spend less time creating and modifying HMI applications."

Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk View Site Edition is a supervisory HMI software application designed for enterprise solutions and FactoryTalk Machine Edition features a machine-level HMI capability which provides users with a consistent operator interface across multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows CE, Windows XP and Vista. These applications help enable operators to easily share and integrate data with other FactoryTalk-enabled products, configure applications from anywhere on the network, make changes to a running system with remote multi-user configuration capabilities and initiate data logging for historical trending analysis. The applications support ActiveX and OPC technologies.
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