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The Art of Industrial Warfare book

The Art of Industrial Warfare book

August 26, 2014 - Since 2001, 42,000 factories have shut in the United States alone and millions of jobs have been lost in the process. To many this is evidence of a declining economy but, to engineer and business strategist Amar Manzoor it shows signs of something much more sinister – the birth of a new war between the USA and China based on manufacturing, factories and exports. The USA is losing fast, but Manzoor has the answer on what it will take to fight back.

Manzoor launched ‘7Tao’ as the world’s only company to hold unique seminars on the battle tactics required to win the war and reclaim all in industry that is being lost to China. Having seen huge tangible success thanks to his methods, Manzoor’s exposing all in a compelling new book titled ‘The Art of Industrial Warfare’.

In 2009, Politico magazine reported that the Pentagon had sponsored 'the-first-of its-kind' economic war game at John Hopkins University. In his State of the Union speech in 2012, Obama announced the creation of an International Trade Enforcement Centre (ITEC) to investigate unfair trading practices. These were the first signs of the government's response to a growing realisation and concern that the industrial base of the United States was being eroded by competition from China. More than a decade earlier, a small British company, 7Tao, had realised that the 21st century would be dominated by industrial war between an emergent China and a declining USA, and that the old Western rules would no longer apply. To counter the growing Chinese dominance, 7Tao began practising and teaching the art of industrial warfare through a powerful Chinese methodology in 1999.

To the Chinese, competing in the global economy is a martial art, so what better way of dealing with the situation than using their tactics? This book reveals some of the most inspiring secrets of the Chinese practise of industrial warfare so that the West can compete again on a level playing field. It shows how factories, markets, and whole economic regions can benefit from adopting the mindset of industrial and economic warfare. 7Tao has been conducting industrial combat seminars across a large number of companies for over ten years, implementing the industrial fighting system and actually preparing companies for what will be a difficult future. The results were not just enlightening, they were astonishing.

“The truth is that the United States is rapidly losing ground in this new global economic war,” explains Manzoor. “We’ve already seen the total economic devastation it has caused, and the west must change its operating methods. Every company must understand the discipline of industrial warfare.”

Continuing, “The Chinese have developed some rather aggressive economic fighting methods. 7Tao studied these over five years and developed a model, based on China’s own methods, which will allow us to fight back and defend the west’s manufacturing industries. China fights a very different game and now we must learn it.”

Many have shared praise for the book. For example, Rear Admiral Jim Robb US Navy (Ret) comments, “The geo-political analysis underlying the 7Tao presentation was very insightful.  I think the trends and cycles for key areas tied to national security are of great value.  I also thought the description of the different business models useful as well.”

Manzoor’s over-riding goal is to make his work accessible to any organization or entity that has been affected by China’s growing influence.

“The book is simple, presents a clear argument and is laden with dozens of real-world examples. Millions of combinations of defence and attack are showcased; each have allowed China to destroy its competition. If you’re connected to business methodology you need to read this book to understand the true nature of the challenge China has brought to the world’s stage. It could save your livelihood and ultimately your life,” he adds.

‘The Art of Industrial Warfare’ is available now. Click here for more information
About the Author:
Amar Manzoor is the Director of 7Tao Engineering Ltd. After pursuing an international and multicultural engineering education in Asia, North America and Europe, he gained several advanced degrees in Computer Science and Engineering as well as exposure to the companies of Lucas Aerospace, AlliedSignal Aerospace and Honeywell Aerospace where he cut his teeth in advanced manufacturing systems. During a 6-year stint teaching 80 advanced manufacturing firms world class manufacturing techniques, he embarked on a mission to design a business system based on the principles of Chinese industrial warfare. He had a natural interest in what engineering would look like in fighting form because of his lifetime exposure to Asian fighting disciplines. He called the system '7Tao, The Art of Industrial War'.

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