TWINLINX to develop RFID chip for MIKOH |

TWINLINX to develop RFID chip for MIKOH

NEW YORK, May 9, 2007 – MIKOH has teamed with TWINLINX to develop a new electronic chip for MIKOH’s Smart&Secure RFID tags.

The new 13.56MHz chip will incorporate MIKOH’s proprietary tracking technologies, which allows a Smart&Secure RFID tag to remain functional after tampering occurs. It will be developed by TWINLINX, a French manufacturer founded by executives within the RFID industry.

MIKOH’s agreement with TWINLINX will result in a lower-cost chip that will be physically smaller while retaining the same 2Kb memory capacity of the current Smart&Secure chip.

“Smart&Secure tamper-evident RFID tags are gaining acceptance in a range of application areas, so it is important that we remain at the leading edge so as to deliver quality product at the best possible price,” said Dr. Peter Atherton, CTO for MIKOH. “TWINLINX was selected to help MIKOH meet growing product demand based on its experience and expertise with 13.56MHz RFID and contactless technologies.”

The new Smart&Secure chip meets two ISO (International Standards Organization) standards – 15693 and 14443. ISO 15693 applies to 13.56MHz RFID tags, while ISO 14443 is a 13.56MHz standard for near field communications (NFC) technology, a main focus area for TWINLINX.

“Smart&Secure RFID tags address the physical security issues inherent in RFID applications today,” said Jacek Kowalski, founder and CEO of TWINLINX. “TWINLINX is committed to furthering the successful adoption of RFID across the market, which will require the use of tamper-indication to prevent product theft and counterfeiting.”

The first chip samples are expected to be available for testing in Q3 2007. Initial production quantities are expected by the end of the year.

MIKOH Corporation is a leading producer of security and digital marking products, specializing in ensuring the physical security of RFID tags. The physical security of RFID tags is increasingly being recognized as vital in most applications in this emerging industry. For RFID end users who need to protect materials, documents or merchandise from security compromises and commercial loss, MIKOH’s tamper-evident RFID technology is flexible, scalable and easily integrates into any RFID system.

MIKOH conceives unique security approaches, researches and develops proprietary technologies to support these approaches, patents and prototypes the technologies, integrates the technologies with other security components, and then embeds these components in commercial and government products. The company has offices in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, and McLean, VA and New York, NY in the USA.

Based in Aix en Provence France, TWINLINX creates applications for NFC mobile phones and develops state-of-the-art RFID chips to be integrated on different objects communicating with the phones. TWINLINX offers turnkey applications, applications development platforms and RFID chips to be integrated in logistic chain, which is then used by different NFC applications.
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