Vistrian to supply MES software to NuvoSun solar manufacturer |

Vistrian to supply MES software to NuvoSun solar manufacturer

January 24, 2012 - Vistrian will provide NuvoSun with its FactoryLOOK and VistrianMES software systems. FactoryLOOK is a Manufacturing Intelligence System used by a number of companies including manufacturers of Solar, Semiconductor, Advanced lighting, Data Storage, Networking, and Electronic assembly. FactoryLOOK allows for the gathering, analyzing and archiving significant amounts of information from throughout the factory including tooling, utilities, testing, metrology, recipe tracking and legacy data systems/ databases. FactoryLOOK allows for the immediate alerting and identifying of process anomalies and the ability to quickly identify factors affecting the development process or manufacturing process and their associated variables thus reducing costs, and reducing the development time of a product.

Along with FactoryLOOK, Vistrian is also providing its integrated VistrianMES software that integrates seamlessly with FactoryLOOK utilizing Quick Launch feature. This feature brings a uniquely high degree of usability by all users with all functions accessible with just a few clicks of the mouse. VistrianMES allows for managing the factories materials, workflow, WIP and long-term field correlation.

Vistrian configures all elements of FactoryLOOK and VistrianMES without the need for a 3rd party integrator or internal IT department resources thus significantly reducing implementation cost.

Ronald Allen, Vistrian's co-founder and CEO states, "we are very excited to have been selected by NuvoSun. Vistrian is a company founded and operated by manufacturing executives who have integrated their knowledge and experience into a software system allowing for a true benefit to the user based on our experience. Our products allow for us to accommodate unique customer needs with our installation base growing Worldwide. The integration of Factory-LOOK and VistrianMES system will allow our product to be adopted by all users in the organization providing full adoption and visibility to NuvoSun."

Dave Pearce, president and CEO of NuvoSun said that "the team at Vistrian has worked closely with us to implement their system to meet our specific needs and work with us every step of the way. Vistrian's short implementation time has allowed us to bring up our process in record time while being scalable to our future needs. We are confident with Vistrian's software we can run a consistent process at any factory location throughout the world."

FactoryLOOK is used as a tool to integrate all processes and equipment data and to provide access to all users using a web browser, This includes the Facility, Environmental, Tooling, Test Equipment, Flat Files, Legacy systems (MES, ERP) and Operator interfaces. Facto-ryLOOK's powerful tool set features provide analysis, alerts, dash-boards and reports using the integral rules engine in real-time, thus providing the user with timely information to optimize operations and processes. Customers have reported significant improvements in utilization and yields. FactoryLOOK has also found a common application for the monitoring of offshore manufacturing sites and vendors.

FactoryLOOK has proven invaluable with Vistrian's user base both in high volume and pilot production environments as a way to increase yields, reduce process and development time and increase process uptime through significantly increased visibility to the process and the variables that affect it.

About Vistrian
Vistrian provides server-based "Manufacturing Intelligence System" products that extract and process data from production tools, operator interfaces, databases and legacy systems. The system then consolidates the information and brings it to a desktop browser, enabling a real-time "Dashboard" view of the process from anywhere with the ability to drill-down to the acquired data.

About NuvoSun
NuvoSun is a second generation innovator of thin-film photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules based on flexible Copper Indium/Gallium di- Selenide (CIGS) technology. NuvoSun's mission is to redefine the cost point for PV cells and modules and to become the lowest cost producer of these products by 2012. This will be achieved by addressing cost across the complete product design and production process:


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