Winters Pressure switches used in Chinese turbines |

Winters Pressure switches used in Chinese turbines

February 11, 2008 - SHOUGUANG CITY, SHANDONG - Xinlong Electrochemical Co., Ltd., one of China’s biggest suppliers of magnesium oxide, has fitted its steam turbines with Winters Pressure Switches. These pressure switches monitor vacuum points and trigger emergency stops when appropriate signals are detected – critical requirements when safeguarding giant steam turbines that spin at a few thousand RPMs.

Xinlong recently completed its 3rd phase power plant expansion, almost doubling its capacity to 50,000 kilowatts. A single false trigger in the steam turbines can cost the plant approximately US$41,000, excluding lost magnesium oxide production. Such high reparation costs mandate the use of high-performing, stable instruments from Winters.

Winters’ pressure switches are known for their combination of advanced lever-operated mechanism, frictionless transmission design and high quality in-house springs. Other features include 0.5% accuracy and high repeatability (less than 1% set point drifts after 100,000 operational cycles). Since penetrating the Chinese market in 2002, Winters’ pressure switches have been used in a variety of industries, including chemical and petrochemical. Supplying to Xinlong marks Winters’ introduction to the Chinese power industry.

Xinlong Electrochemical Co., Ltd. is one of the top magnesium oxide suppliers in the country and had co-drafted the national standards for the magnesium oxide industry. The company will enter a 4th plant expansion phase in the later half of this year, to be completed in about two years. Winters Asia is eagerly looking forward to being there to service Xinlong on a broader instrumentation range in the future.

Winters Instruments is a manufacturer of pressure and temperature instrumentation, with global distribution in over 80 countries.
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