Ethernet Direct presents free Webinar on industrial networks & Ethernet

Taipei, Taiwan, January 3, 2007 - Ethernet Direct Corporation will provide a Free WEBINAR about Industrial Ethernet Networking.

From Ethernet basics and Ethernet Protocols to complex MAC Addressing, IP addressing, SNMP, ARC, IGMP, Ethernet Direct shows interactive Web-based seminar presentation.

The goal is to be able to give, receive and discuss more information with worldwide Ethernet Direct partners and product users.

Ethernet Direct provides the real-world scenarios where experts discuss “hot topics” to demonstrate how product and solutions work in real applications. Each session is interactive, allowing attendees the opportunity to ask questions — giving attendees a truly objective response from an experienced product solution provider.

Come and experience how Ethernet Direct is reliable and efficient. Now, without leaving your workplace, you can see product demonstration, share any application or request online help to maximize your time and expenses.

Regular Webinars offer both an educational and convenient format to keep Ethernet Direct product users stay abreast about up-to-date and new product & technology innovations. This would empower engineers to evaluate the right solution to meet their requirements.

Sign up now to attend an Ethernet Direct WEBINAR and learn how to choose and deploy the right Ethernet Devices more competitively and effectively.

Please visit to sign up or learn more about Ethernet Direct Webinars.
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