Process Control and Advanced Control Strategies Online Certificate


This training course will equip you with the essential knowledge needed for optimizing the performance of your plant's controls. This training course will teach you the essentials of process dynamics, PID controllers, controller tuning methods, and advanced regulatory control. It will also provide you with the know-how for identifying poor control, techniques for troubleshooting control problems, and skills for optimizing your control loops.

By attending this training course, you can expect to:

Gain a solid understanding of process dynamics and their relevance to controller tuning.
Obtain insights into the inner workings of PID controllers.
Learn about different controller types, algorithms, and options—and when to use which one.
Discover the appropriate tuning techniques for different process types and tuning objectives.
Learn how to tune gap, cascade, split-range and override control strategies.
Develop techniques for quickly assessing the performance of control loops.
Establish if tuning is the real/only problem affecting a particular control loop.
Learn how and when to apply cascade and feedforward controls.
Understand the design, use and tuning of ratio and override controls.
Discover how to deal with nonlinear processes and control elements.