Designing and Applying Model Based Control Strategies (EC60)


You will be able to:

Identify real-world control problems as the basis of need for advanced control
Recognize the basic structure of all MBC schemes
Explain the basic technology of MPC
Define how model errors are used to improve control
Build and simulate MPC controllers
Identify the required elements of a successful control project
Monitor performance of installed controllers

You will cover:

Advanced Regulatory Control: Feedback Penalty | Challenges in Feedback Control | Real-World Control Problems | Why Advanced Control is Needed | Conventional Control Approaches
Model Based Control (MBC): General MBC Structure | Plant Control and Optimization Overview | DCS/Regulatory Control Layer | Historian Benefits from Better Process Control | What is MBC?
Model Predictive Control (MPC): Process Model Matrix | Poor Test Plans Lead to Uncertain Models | Reducing Statistical Uncertainty | MPC Design Overview | Controlled Variables
The Math: Optimization Cost Function: LP Weights | Constraint Control | Economic Optimization | Tuning Methods
Model Errors: MPC Feedback | Model Mismatch | Integrators | Unmeasured Disturbance without Offset
Build Controllers: Create a Controller | Create MACSProject Database | Menu Items | General Parameters | Span | Transform Equation | Controller Models | Building an MPC Controller: 5 Steps
Prepare for Online Control: MACSProject: Configure for Online | Tagname Configuration | DCS Tags | Communication Configuration | Runtime Controller
Implementing MPC: Stages of a Control Project | Process Analysis | Regulatory Controllers Review | Controller Scope | Preliminary Testing | Process Testing
Performance Monitoring: Evaluating Performance | Performance Monitoring | Monitoring MPC Applications | MPC Performance | Monitoring Methodology

Lab and Classroom Exercises:

Build a controller with 1 MV and 1 CV, simulate, and tune
Build a controller with 1 MV, 1 CV, and 1 CNST; simulate; and tune
Build a controller with 2 MVs and 1 CV, simulate, and tune for optimum use of MVs
Connect OPC to server and browse tags