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HARTING introduces sensor actuator IO boxes

HARTING introduces sensor actuator IO boxes

March 14, 2017 --- With its passive distributor boxes, HARTING is presenting an extensive range of  IO boxes for multiple applications. These boxes are designed make field installation simpler, while at the same time cutting cabling expenditure as well as installation times for sensor wiring.

In response to steadily increasing expenditure on cabling due to the growing use of sensor technology in the field, HARTING is offering its sensor actuator boxes, a solution for many applications such as automation, robotics and process systems. Sensors can be connected to passive distributor boxes using standard M8 and M12 slots. With a choice of 4, 8 or 10 slots, the sensor cables no longer have to be drawn from the sensor into the control cabinet as previously, but only to the local, application-led distributor box. The rest is taken care of by a master line to the control cabinet.

This can be connected either by an M23, M16 or M12D connector. IP protection rating 67/68 enables the sensor actuator boxes to withstand harsh operational environments.

Overview of connector types:

Choice of master line connection technology

  • M23, M16, M12 connector
  • Permanently connected master line
  • Connector hood

Choice of connector types for slots

  • Standard M12 (4-and 5-pin) as per DIN EN 61076-2-101:2013
  • Standard M8 (3-, 4-pin) as per DIN EN 61076-2-104:2015
  • With choice of 4, 8 or 10 slots.