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YokogawaData Acquistion, Paper & Paperless Recorders, Networking Instrumentation, Analyzers, pH, Oxygen, Conductivity, Gas Chromatographs, Infrared Analyzers, Single Loop Controllers, Pressure Transmitters, Level Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, Vortex Flowmeters, Magmeters, Coriolis Flowmeters, Rotameters, Distrubuted Control SystemsData Aquisition, Paperless Recorders, Panel Meters, Power Quality AnalyzersAmetek Power InstrumentsAnnunciators, Electrial Transducers, Sequence of Events Recorders, Solid State Revenue Meters Annunciators, Voltage Current Watt VAR & Frequency Transducers, JEMSTAR Revenue Meters, Substation Metering, Power Quality Test Equipment, Thermocouples and Flames Sensors for Combustion TurbinesChinoContinuouos On-Line MoistureMeasurement Gauges, Infrared Thermometers, Thickness GaugesElpro TechnologiesWireless I/O, Wireless Ethernet, Wireless Gateways, Wireless Profibus, Wireless Device Servers. EnardoFlame and Detonation Arrestors, Pressure/Vacuum Conservation VentsEmergency Relief ValvesTank HatchesVent Valves Environment OneGenerator Monitoring Systems, Hydrogen Purity Analyzers, Condition Core Monitors, Portable Gas Purity Analyzers, Dryers Graftel Inc. Flowmeter Calibration Source, Traceable to ISO 17025 and NIST StandardsEPIInline and Insertion Thermal Mass FlowmetersHoneywellToxic & Combustible Gas Detection InstrumentationFire & Flame DetectionLEL Monitoring for Safety or Process Control Moore IndustriesAlarm Trips I/P and P/I ConvertersSignal Transmitters, Isolators, and Converters Temperature Transmitters and Assemblies Distributed I/O and Data Communication Systems Fieldbus SolutionsWireless Sick MiahakIn-Situ Gas Analyzers, Dust Concentration Monitors, Opacity Monitoring, Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Level Sensors Swan Analytical InstrumentsAnalyzers for Ultra pure Water in Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals, Potable Water Treatment and Effluent Treatment - Sodium - Dissolved Oxygen - Silica - Conductivity - pH and ORP Type K Damper DrivesPneumatic Damper Drive90 to 10,000 ft/lbs TourqueRetrofit or New InstallationsBeckwith Electric Co. Tapchanger Controls, Protection Relays for Generators and Transformers, Capacitor Controls, Synchronizing Systems & Relays, Engineered Solutions for Motor Bus Transfers GridSenseLine Tracker for monitoring Distribution and Transmision Lines, PowerMonic Portable Power Quality, TransformerIQ monitoring transformer health, DMSurveyor Hot Stick inspections and pictures OmicronTest Sets for Relays and Meters, Fault Generators/Analyzers, Harmonic Generator/Analyzers Solid State InstrumentsPulse Divider RelaysPulse Isolation RelaysTotalizers Radian Research Inc. Energy Reference Standards, Portable Revenue Meter Test Systems, Automated Meter Test Systems RFLMultiPlexers, Differential Relays, Power Line Carrier, Telprotection, Control & Telemetry SATEC Powerful SolutionsSingle & Polyphase Digital Panel Meters, Distrubution Monitoring Systems, Web based Power Monitoring Systems, Vanguard Instruments CompanyBreaker Timers, Winding Resistance Meters, Micro-OHM Meters, Turns Ratio Testers WECO Revenue Meter Test Systems, Revenue Meter Test Boards Portable Test/Analyzers

7400 Cedar Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55423
United States
Phone:  612-861-1749

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