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Butler and Land, Inc. started out as a Partnership in early 1947, consisting of Mr. James J. Butler and Mr. H. L. Land. Both had been with Westinghouse Electric Corp in this area for a number of years, and had extensive experience in the sale and application of electrical equipment to utilities, industrials, petrochemicals, original equipment manufacturers and various distribution channels.The company was incorporated in 1957 in Texas and Mr. Butler was elected President and held that post until retirement in 1973. Mr. Land became President in 1973 and served in that capacity until his death in 1973.The company began an Employee Stock Ownership Plan in 1975 and owned all of Butler and Land, Inc. stock until the current officers began a buyout program in 2001.Our headquarters is in Dallas, TX where we have five outside salesmen and four inside sales/customer service people. We also have three outside salesmen and two inside sales people in our Houston office and one outside salesman and one inside salesman in our New Orleans office. All three offices have warehouses and stock inventory. In addition we have an outside salesman who works out of his home in the Tulsa area.In our lines list you will see the names of various manufacturers for whom we are either a manufacturers representative or stocking distributor. All of these manufacturers are among the finest serving the industrial and utility arena.We believe that our organization offers an excellent combination of professional salesmanship and service to meet the changing needs of our customers' requirements for electrical equipment and instruments.

10823 Sanden Drive
Dallas, Texas 75238
United States
Phone:  214-343-8800

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